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Home and contents insurance reviews

Last updated: 18 April 2019

We've reviewed home insurance policies from across the market to help you find the best cover for your building and contents. CHOICE members can see the overall score for each policy, and see how they stack up on price compared to other products in their state.

We're not like the other insurance comparison websites – we don't get paid by any of the insurers we're comparing.

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We've reviewed home and contents policies offered by ANZ, Suncorp, Westpac, Budget Direct, NRMA, Youi and more. We recommend policies that offer comprehensive cover at a reasonable price. They were chosen also because they include standout features – such as cover for accidental damage, contents in the open air or under-insurance safety nets – and because they offer good value for money based on our comparison.

How we scored

We collect publicly available product information on insurance policies, and send surveys to insurers asking for quotes for a range of scenarios. The score is made up of the product features score (60%), the price rating (20%), the complaints score (10%) and the ease of use score (10%).

The features score is made up of insured events (20%), building cover (40%) and contents cover (40%). The complaints score is derived from statistics published by the Financial Ombudsman Service, which shows the likelihood of a customer making a complaint, as well as the outcomes. The ease of use score is based on accessible a product’s disclosure documents are (number of documents, word count), whether customers can purchase and claim online, and whether the insurer operates a 24/7 claims phone line. 

Premiums differ from home to home, so we can't estimate how much a policy will cost you. The compare policies on price we obtained quotes for five different customer scenarios in two locations per state and territory (one in the capital, one in a high-risk area) as well as northern Queensland. By comparing the results of these tests we can see how each policy stacks up against the competition in each region.

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List of brands we tested in this review.

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    Features score

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    The score is made up of common insured events (20%), additional building cover (40%) and additional contents cover (40%).

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    Complaints score

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    The score is derived from the level of complaints and disputes handled by the Financial Ombudsman Service for the underwriter in 2017-18. A higher score is better: it means fewer complaints are made and the insurer is more willing to come to an agreement with aggrieved customers.

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    Ease of use score

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    This score rates how accessible a product's disclosure documents are (number of documents, word count), whether customers can purchase and claim online, and whether the insurer operates a 24/7 claims phone line. A higher score is better.

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    Included in this review

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    • Overall score
    • Features score
    • Complaints score
    • Ease of use score
    • Recommended products
    • Cover type
    • Underwriter
    • Building Cover
    • Contents cover
    • How to claim
    • Pay-by-the-month charge
    • Cover for fire
    • Cover for explosion
    • Cover for theft
    • Cover for sudden escape of liquid
    • Cover for storm and cyclone
    • Cover for lightning
    • Cover for flood
    • Cover for actions of the sea
    • Cover for impact
    • Cover for animal damage
    • Cover for vandalism
    • Cover for earthquake
    • Cover for tsunami
    • Cover for accidental breakage of glass
    • Cover for accidental damage
    • Legal liability cover
    • Choice of repairer
    • Cover for motor burnout (building)
    • Key/lock replacement after theft
    • Gardens
    • Mortgage discharge fees
    • Costs to comply with building regulations
    • Professional fees
    • Debris removal and demolition
    • Temporary accomodation
    • New for old replacement
    • Cover individual valuables at home for an amount you nominate
    • Cover individual valuables away from home
    • Cover unspecified valuables away from home
    • Cover for valuables while travelling
    • Cover for motor burnout (contents)
    • Spoiled food
    • Jewellery
    • Works of art
    • Collections (eg stamps, coins)
    • Digital media
    • Cash
    • Tools of trade at the home
    • Cover while moving house
    • Contents in the open air
    • Visitors' contents
    • Pet cover
    • Good points
    • Bad points
    • Underinsurance protection
    • Building underinsurance safety net
    • Contents underinsurance safety net
    • Online claiming
    • 24/7 emergency claims hotline
    • Accidental damage to building
    • Accidental damage to contents
    • Choice of repairer
    • Optional flood cover
    • Pet damage cover
    • Cover for unlisted portable valuables
    • Good cover for gardens
    • Good cover for temporary accommodation
    • Good cover for ancillary rebuilding costs
    • Good cover for motor burnout
    • Good cover for contents in the open air
    • Good cover for food spoilage
    • Good cover for portable contents while travelling
    • Good cover for digital media
    • Good cover for artworks and collections
    • Good cover for jewellery
    • Good cover for tools of trade
    • Legal liability for family members
    • Good cover for contents while moving house
    • ACT price rating
    • NSW price rating
    • NT price rating
    • FNQ price rating
    • QLD price rating
    • SA price rating
    • WA price rating
    • TAS price rating
    • VIC price rating
    • Corrections
    • Insurer
    • Policy name
    • Website
    • Cover for storm surge
    • Good cover for key and lock replacement
    • Sold in ACT
    • Sold in North Queensland
    • Sold in NSW
    • Sold in NT
    • Sold in South Queensland
    • Sold in SA
    • Sold in Tasmania
    • Sold in Victoria
    • Sold in WA

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