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Electric bike reviews

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Last updated: 09 November 2023


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We test the latest electric bikes in the lab and out on the road so you can find the best performers that suit your budget.

Our experts look at:

  • pedal assistance
  • braking
  • turning and low speed performance
  • ride comfort
  • handling (including ease of mounting, dismounting, walking the bike, safety and comfort)
  • ease of using and accessing the controls
  • battery use (on-bike and off-bike).

Our Recommended list will show you at a glance which e-bikes come out on top.

Why we chose to test these e-bike models

When we bought these e-bikes for testing in early 2023, there was a lack of variety in the market (unlike now where there is a glut). We looked at what was available in retailers that we didn't have to wait for, and also what was popular.

As it's the first time we've purchased e-bikes for a test, we had an initial budget for 10 models, with a further test scheduled for early 2024 to include a variety of other types, including cargo e-bikes.

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    Frame type

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    Whether the bike is full frame or low step. Full frame means the bike has a cross bar you have to lift your leg over, while low step means the bike has no cross bar and it's easier to get on.

      Max assist speed (km/h)

      enter value/s in increments of i between 25 and 45

      Weight (kg)

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      Configurations vary considerably, so while we give the weight on some of the bikes, they'll vary based on how you order the bike with regards to size, frame option and battery size. 

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      Rear rack

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      Does the bike have a rear rack?

        Walk mode

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        Some bikes have a walk mode where if you have to push the bike for whatever reason, it will still give some assist.

          Thumb throttle

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          This is very handy to have if you're starting the bike from a hill or slope, as it allows you to trigger the assist, though it tends to be at a low acceleration.

            Suspension seatpost

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            Is there suspension built into the seat post? This is also good for bumpy roads.

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              • Off-bike battery score
              • Display score
              • Good points
              • Bad points
              • Comments
              • Price
              • Frame type
              • Sizes available
              • Weight (kg)
              • Motor brand
              • Motor model
              • Motor location
              • Power (W)
              • Max assist torque (Nm)
              • Max assist speed (km/h)
              • Assist settings
              • Walk mode
              • Thumb throttle
              • Battery size
              • Battery location
              • Wheel size (inches)
              • Tyre width (mm)
              • Mudguards
              • Kickstand location
              • Rear rack
              • Lights
              • Gears
              • Suspension fork travel
              • Suspension seatpost
              • Brakes
              • Frame warranty (years)
              • Battery and motor warranty (years)
              • Battery origin
              • Frame origin
              • Motor origin
              • Quick release seatpost
              • Quick release wheels

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