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Last updated: 30 August 2019

With so many solar panel brands claiming to be the most efficient, best value, or technologically advanced, picking one above the rest is no easy task. We lab test and review the latest solar panels to help you choose.

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Our test covers both mono- and multicrystalline panels, from Australian and international brands. This review includes the results from 12 months 'in the field'.

Our expert testers give every solar panel a thorough workout to help find the models that:

  • are closest to their labelled power output
  • deliver the most power per square metre of panel.

Our interactive comparison tool helps you find out which brands are most efficient and which have the best warranties. Note that there are no product images; most solar panels look very similar and appearance isn't a major factor when choosing them.

This is the second batch of solar panels we've tested. For more about the results of our previous batch of tested solar panels, see what we found. We've removed those previously tested models from this review because they've all been superseded by newer models.

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List of brands we tested in this review.


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    Price per panel paid in 2018. Actual prices can vary significantly between suppliers - you need to compare costs of whole systems and installation, not just the panels.

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    Claimed nominal power (W)

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    The nominal power output for the panel under standard lab conditions. Actual power output in outdoor conditions will be lower, due to variable sunlight and temperature conditions.

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    Product warranty (yrs)

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    The warranty for the panel itself, covering repair or replacement if the panel is faulty.

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      • Yield per 1000W by label (W)
      • Efficiency
      • Good points
      • Bad points
      • Brand
      • Model
      • Price
      • Price per watt
      • Claimed nominal power (W)
      • Claimed power tolerance
      • Width (mm)
      • Length (mm)
      • Type
      • Product warranty (years)
      • Performance warranty (years)
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