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Solar panels database

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Last updated: 17 March 2022


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There are hundreds of solar panels on the market. If you're looking to get some installed, it can be hard to know how well the offers from different installers stack up. 

Our table of major brands and models will help you check and compare specifications, such as rated power output and efficiency, as well as product and performance warranties.

Many of the solar panels we looked at are currently missing price information. We're waiting for the suppliers to provide it, and will update this page as soon as we can.

Note: This is not a review of solar panels, but simply a listing of their specifications.



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List of brands we tested in this review.


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    Price per panel advised by the manufacturer. Many brands didn't supply pricing but we'll update these when we can. Actual prices can vary significantly between suppliers - you need to compare costs of whole systems and installation, not just the panels.

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    Claimed nominal power (W)

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    The nominal power output for the panel under standard lab conditions. The higher the number, the more electricity you'll get from the panel. See our solar panels buying guide for an explanation.

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    AC or DC

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    Most panels are DC - they deliver high-voltage direct current (DC) to the inverter, which converts it to alternating current (AC) for your home's circuits. Some panels are classed as AC, as they come with a microinverter on each panel. See our solar panels buying guide for the pros and cons of each type.


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      Monocrystalline or polycrystalline. Some panels are further specified as having PERC, HJT or IBC technologies which improve their efficiency.  See our solar panels buying guide for more information.

        Included in this comparison

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        • Model
        • Price
        • Price per watt
        • Efficiency ratio (%)
        • Claimed nominal power (W)
        • Claimed power tolerance
        • Dimensions (L x W, cm)
        • Type
        • AC or DC
        • Product warranty (years)
        • Performance warranty (years)
        • Power output at end of performance warranty
        • Warranted performance degradation per year
        • Origin
        • Operating temperature range
        • Temperature coefficient
        • Release date


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