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How to buy safe strollers, cots and other baby products

Spending a fortune on flash features won't ensure you get the safest product for your baby.

Last updated: 22 August 2018


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Need to know

  • Ignore misleading marketing fluff and check for certification to the mandatory and voluntary standard.
  • Do your research before heading in store, so you know the common hazards to look out for. 
  • Price is not always an indicator of safety.

Buying baby products can be an emotionally charged experience and it's surprisingly easy for even the shrewdest shopper to get carried away or confused by the products on offer.

So how can you avoid falling into marketing traps? 

  • The best strategy is to narrow down your choices to models that are safe and fit your budget first, before letting aesthetics, extra features and personal preferences guide your final decision.
  • We've found that the price of a product often has little bearing on its safety, so no matter your budget, you can ensure your baby is getting the best by being well-informed when you hit the shops. 
  • When considering the safety of a product, don't be fooled by buzz words or phrases like "SIDs tested" or "breathable" which on closer scrutiny often mean absolutely nothing. Instead, look for certification to mandatory and voluntary safety standards and read up on the common safety hazards so you can check products yourself. 

To help you make your choice with confidence, we've put together a concise safety guide for some of the most common baby products. Whether you're preparing for a new arrival or making a one off purchase, use our guide to make sure you and your baby sleep easy.  

If you're still trying to work out what you absolutely need to buy and what is just a nice-to-have, read our quick guide to baby needs vs. wants first.

How to check for safe products

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