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E-reader reviews

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Last updated: 29 June 2022


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The latest e-readers, or ebook readers, deliver improved processing speeds and faster touchscreen performance with less lag as well as a more 'booky' look and feel.

Our experts assess the latest e-reader models from Amazon Kindle, Kobo and more to tell you:

  • which ones are the easiest to use
  • how easy it is to buy ebooks online and transfer them to each e-reader
  • how easy it is to navigate, including turning a page and skipping to particular parts of the ebook
  • their performance under three different types of lighting: normal indoor lighting, normal outdoor lighting, and normal bedroom night-time lighting
  • which ones have Wi-Fi support and touchscreens. 
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Several discontinued products (including a Kindle tablet) are also included in our test results. To see these products, select the 'Discontinued' filter to the left under 'Related products'. 

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    An e-reader with e-ink doesn't need a backlight (although some of the latest models do have a backlight if required) and can last for weeks on a single charge, compared to a tablet device using an In Plane Switching (IPS) LCD screen which operates in a similar way to a laptop computer.

      Adaptive lighting

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      Adaptive lighting automatically adjusts the e-reader lighting to suit the ambient lighting of the environment. Other features include the ability to reduce blue light exposure to help improve your sleep quality.


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        All the e-readers marked as waterproof have an an IPX8 durability rating which means the e-reader can be dunked in up to two metres of water for up to 60 minutes.

          Landscape/portrait mode

            OverDrive library support

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            Some e-readers, notably Kobo e-readers, allow the user to enter their library card number into the OverDrive app to borrow ebooks from their local library. Kindle does support this feature, but it isn't available for Kindle Australia users. 

              USB connection

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              All e-readers are charged via the USB connection with the most common option being micro USB, and USB-C being the latest connection allowing faster charging and the ability to operate USB-C headphones. 

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                • RTF file format
                • DOC file format
                • PDF file format
                • Dictionary
                • Removable storage (microSD)
                • Weight (g)
                • Dimensions (mm, H x W x D)
                • Resolution (pixels)
                • Internal storage (GB)


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