Independent and trusted advice about food safety, including information about food hygiene, genetically modified food, pesticides and food additives.

plates of food

Food additives you should avoid

Which ones pose a health risk?

2 May 2008 | We look at the latest research into additives that health questions have been raised about - and give CHOICE’s verdict on which ones you’d do best to avoid.

Pile of strawberries

Strawberries test reveals health concerns

We tell you how to choose the sweetest and tastiest — but our test found pesticide residues in most conventionally grown strawberries.

29 Jan 2008 | We love our strawberries. They look beautiful and good ones taste delicious. But are there hidden dangers?

Prawn pasta

Restaurant hygiene

Do you know if the food in your favourite restaurant is safe to eat?

11 Nov 2007 | There’s no fast and easy way of knowing if a restaurant has a kitchen that’s filthy or is infested with rats, or even if it passed its last council inspection.

washing tomatoes

Pesticides in fruit and vegetables

Are they harmless — or is the truth that we don’t really know?

10 Mar 2006 | There’s no convincing evidence that pesticide residues are bad for your health at the very low levels permitted in fruit, vegetables and other foods. But the research isn’t conclusive.


Food poisoning

We've all driven the porcelain bus at some time. How can you avoid food poisoning?

1 Jun 2005 | Food poisoning is becoming more common - it's likely several million Australians get sick every year.

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