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yoghurts ready meals juices and other drinks in supermarket fridge chiller

Extending the shelf life of chilled food

Ever wondered how some chilled foods can have such a long shelf life?

19 Sep 2014 | The use-by or best-before dates on some food in supermarket fridges can be much longer than you'd expect for fresh produce. We look at how the shelf life of chilled foods can be extended.


What's your caffeine intake?

Do you know how much you’re actually consuming?

20 May 2013 | Caffeine shows up in products from corn chips and smoothies through to painkillers and weight loss products.


CHOICE Awards 2011: Best Restaurant Hygiene Rating Scheme

Find out which council came up trumps in the CHOICE Awards for transparency in food hygiene.

31 Mar 2011 | Food safety is vital for consumers and some organisations are making sure people know which businesses are safest for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


BPA in canned foods

We found alarming levels of BPA in a range of canned foods – including baby foods.

1 Sep 2010 | CHOICE believes our national food regulator could be more proactive in protecting the health of Australian consumers.

Vegetables and pesticides

Pesticides in imported vegetables

Imported vegetables appear no more likely to be contaminated with pesticides than Australian produce.

5 Mar 2010 | Our random test of common canned and frozen vegetables showed little cause for concern.

genetically modified food (GM food)

Genetically modified food risks

The Australian market is being flooded with food made from genetically modified (GM) crops. Yet you'd never know from the label.

17 Feb 2010 | Are GM crops jeopardising the safety and security of our food supply?


Plastics and food

Are chemicals from plastic food containers and wrapping as safe as the industry and regulators claim or are they slowly poisoning us?

7 Jan 2010 | There’s a growing body of scientific evidence that suggests some plastics are not as safe as we're led to believe.

Scientist with food containing nano particles

Nanotechnology and food

No longer in the realm of science fiction, nanofoods are on their way to a supermarket near you.

23 Feb 2009 | CHOICE wants nanofoods better regulated to ensure they are both safe and properly labelled.

fishmonger's display

The facts on fish

CHOICE investigates the benefits and risks of eating fish.

19 Oct 2008 | Fish is good for us, but what about toxic chemicals and over-fishing? We guide you through the debates.

Jars of food

Plasticiser danger in food

CHOICE tested foods in glass jars and found contaminants from the plastic used to seal the lids.

12 Jun 2008 | In our test of food in glass jars, half contained the plastic-softening chemicals epoxidised soybean oil or phthalates at levels exceeding EU limits.

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