Roast chicken taste test

Thirty years of intensive farming practices means expensive organic and free-range chickens don’t taste any better than a standard factory chook.
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  • Updated:3 Mar 2008



In brief

  • Paying extra for an organic or free-range chicken may have other benefits, but it won’t necessarily buy you a tastier chook to roast for dinner.
  • Free-range and organic chickens are reared with more space and access to the open air, but these differences aren’t enough to give them more flavour.

For a special family occasion there’s nothing like a roast chicken dinner with baked pumpkin and crunchy roast potatoes.

So what’s the tastiest chicken? Do the more expensive organic and free-range chooks really taste better than standard factory-farmed ones?

To find out, CHOICE bought the different brands and types of chicken widely available in the big supermarkets. A chef roasted the chickens and we asked four food experts to tell us how they rated for flavour. 

Please note: this information was current as of March 2008 but is still a useful guide today.

Video: Free-range taste test

Can you actually taste the difference between a free-range chicken and a battery-raised bird?



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