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Consumers are embracing the benefits of "good" bacteria with open arms and purses.

6 Jul 2011 | "Good" bacteria, long used as starter cultures for yoghurts and fermented dairy drinks, are now in high consumer demand, particularly probiotics.


Surviving fast food

We look at the menus at some of Australia’s biggest fast food chains to help you choose the healthiest option available.

7 Jun 2011 | Despite many fast food outlets offering healthy options, the nutritional labelling and serving sizes of not-so-healthy choices are still not up to scratch.


Hidden salt

Australians are consuming up to 10 times the amount of sodium we need for good health.

11 Oct 2010 | Australia’s salt habit is costing the nation much more than the in-store price tag. But will binning our salt shakers solve the problem?


Omega 3

Essential for children's development and our ongoing brain, heart and joint health. Are you getting enough?

6 Oct 2010 | Omega-3s in our diet can prevent cardiovascular disease and may even protect against arthritis, mental decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

sugars and sweeteners


In today’s world of over-consumption and health issues, can the industry really justify ‘better for you’ sugar?

22 Apr 2010 | In the past half-century we’ve increasingly sweetened our food supply. But are we eating too much sugar and is it affecting our health?

fat map of Australia

Hidden danger - trans fats in foods

CHOICE finds some manufacturers still sneak unhealthy trans fats into our foods.

26 Jun 2009 | They rarely rate a mention on the label, but the trans fats hidden in many processed foods are worse for your health than saturated fats.

Low GI food

Glycaemic Index

CHOICE investigates whether our national waistline can benefit from new research on the glycaemic index.

2 Jun 2009 | Low-GI diets have been shown to help people with diabetes and pre-diabetes, but they may also help those who need to lose weight.


The takeaway dilemma

CHOICE compares the most popular dishes and provides healthier, cheaper alternatives.

21 May 2009 | Although there’s nothing wrong with takeaways occasionally, many contain too much salt and saturated fat for regular eating.

Whole grains

Whole grains - healthy or hype?

There are five good reasons to include more wholegrains in your diet.

7 Aug 2008 | Wholegrains have become a marketing tool food companies use to convince us to buy one product over another.

Low fat yoghurt

Food to lower your cholesterol

Which ones give you the most bang for your buck?

14 Mar 2008 | Eating 2–3g per day of plant sterols in the form of enriched spread, yoghurt, milk or a combination of these products can help lower your cholesterol.

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