Savoury snacks

Beware savoury snacks full of salt and saturated fat.
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03.What not to buy

The key to savoury snacking is watching saturated fat and sodium content, while limiting portion size. These snack varieties are higher in energy, fat and sodium - approach with caution.


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Biscuit and dip combos

Dippits Damora (Aldi) Dippits Cheddar, six 22g-packs
Serve size: 22g
Price: $1.99

Compare these with the Uncle Toby’s Le Snak Corn Crackers and Salsa combo and you can see why you might want to give this sort of biscuit and dip a wide berth. They’re high in kilojoules, fat, saturated fat and sodium with little nutritional value. Save them for an occasional snack.


lucky-nuts Lucky Almonds with Yoghurt Sultanas, six 30g-packs
Serve size: 30g
Price: $4.99

While the nuts are going to provide you with great nutritional benefits, sitting in among them is the faux-gurt – an ingredient that kept rearing its head when we looked at sweet snacks. Yoghurt coating, or faux-gurt, has more in common with white chocolate than wholesome yoghurt. And although it doesn’t seem to be in this case, fauxgurt is usually made with hydrogenated fats – an ingredient your arteries won’t appreciate.

Tuna kits

seakist-lunch-Kit Seakist Lunch Kit Tuna in Mayonnaise with Sweetcorn with crackers 108g
Serve size: 108g
Price: $1.89

The mayonnaise and the bigger serving size of this tuna kit means you consume an extra 557kJ and 13g of fat per serve.


Chips and crackers

Smiths-chips Smith’s Snack Food Company Family Value Mix, 20 19g-packs, including Twisties Cheese, Smith’s Crinkle Thinly Cut, Doritos Cheese Supreme
Serve size: 19g
Price: $5.49

The worst of this bunch are the Twisties which are high in total fat and saturated fat, and provide a mammoth hit of sodium – about twice the amount of the other varieties. The only good thing about these is the small 19g serves – so if you do opt for a pack, at least it’s the appropriate serving size.

Smart snacking

savoury-snacks• Make wholegrain breads, cereals and grains your first choice.
• Stick to smaller portion sizes of processed snacks.
• Watch the saturated fat and sodium content.
• Choose snacks with less than 600kJ per serve.
• Aim to eat snacks with fibre, or combine a small pre-packaged snack with a piece of fruit or chopped veggies.
• Eat whole foods: look for short ingredients lists and few additives.

Savoury snack ideas

Make your own snacks – don’t always rely on the pre-packaged ones. This is easy to do at home using fresh ingredients. Here are some ideas for snacks you can make yourself. Keep in mind that some of them may require refrigeration:

• Air-popped popcorn
• Chopped veggies and hommus
• 30g of raw or dry-roasted nuts
• Baked beans on toast
• Bean salad

Or, for more recipe ideas see Cook's CHOICE.

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