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Simmer sauces

Simmer sauces taste test

If you’re craving an Asian-style meal, don’t expect authenticity from a jar of simmer sauce, finds the CHOICE tasting panel.

1 Aug 2009 | CHOICE tasting panel tried 26 simmer sauces – none of them impressed and few came even close to conjuring up authentic Asian flavours.

Roasting potatoes

Potato product reviews

Some potato shapes that appeal to kids don’t make the nutritional grade.

7 Jul 2009 | Chips, fries or wedges can be handy to keep in the freezer but what is the true cost of this convenience?


Breakfast cereals buying guide

For many of us, ready-to-eat breakfast cereals are a staple food, and a good one can be the perfect kick-start to the day.

29 May 2009 | We looked at over 300 cereals and mueslis to find the ones that are best for you nutritionally.

Scones with jam and cream

Jams vs fruit spreads review and compare

In the battle between jam and fruit spreads, CHOICE taste testers discover true value.

20 May 2009 | The term fruit spread sounds so much healthier than jam. The reality is while jam has its own food standard and strict definition, fruit spread doesn’t.

Yoghurt on a spood with some fruit

Premium yoghurt reviews

Yoghurt doesn’t have to be loaded with fat to taste deliciously creamy.

24 Jan 2009 | Are those extra delicious premium brands just as healthy, or do they taste so good because they’re loaded with fat and sugar?

Chocolate and strawberry

Dark chocolate reviews

Can dark chocolate be ethical, good for you and delicious?

29 Oct 2008 | Chocoholics finally think they have valid reason to indulge — with good conscience.

Ham sandwich

Packaged ham reviews

No one expects pre-packaged and pre-sliced ham to be a gourmet’s delight.

9 Sep 2008 | You might be surprised at just how much added water these products can contain instead of the meat you think you’re paying for.

Bowl of marinated feta and olives

Feta cheese reviews

There’s more to this cheese of ancient origins than meets the eye.

13 Jun 2008 | Buying feta might once have been straightforward but now we’re likely to be overwhelmed by choice.

Small ipod in lots boxes and packaging

Reduce product packaging

Most of the goods we buy need to be protected by packaging. But how much is too much?

17 Oct 2007 | From gourmet chocolates to beauty products, an increasing number of consumer goods are buried in layers of packaging these days.


Parmesan cheese reviews

You don't have to go to a deli to get good parmesan.

28 Jun 2007 | One of our experts’ favourites is a prepacked parmesan nationally available in supermarkets.

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