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Grocery shopping online

Grocery shopping online

A CHOICE survey confirms Australians have largely rejected online grocery shopping. We look at the pros and cons.

4 Mar 2010 | The online market is dominated by Coles and Woolworths. We review their offering and highlight some of the smaller players.

Ready meals

Supermarket ready meals

From shelf to microwave, they're ready in minutes. But are these packaged meals any good?

3 Feb 2010 | Supermarket shelves are crammed with shelf-stable meals, costing between $3 and $5. We sort the best from the rest.

Health Reader

15 Dec 2009 |

Coffee hit

Ground coffee reviews

CHOICE’s expert tasters find some of the best brews at very affordable prices.

5 Dec 2009 | CHOICE asked three experts to rate 14 popular brands of ground coffee to find out which offer the best value. We uncover pointers for picking a winner.

Mayonnaise review

Mayonnaise reviews

Food science can't replicate the creaminess of oil and eggs

20 Oct 2009 | Traditional homemade mayonnaise is a luscious blend of oil, egg yolk and vinegar or lemon juice. Supermarket mayo can be a different beast altogether, found our taste testers.


Stock reviews

Are packaged stocks anything like the real deal?

8 Oct 2009 | CHOICE looks at 25 stocks – liquid, cubes and powders – and highlights the ones that are most like homemade, the ones with the least salt and the ones we believe represent the best value.

Tomato-lead copy

Picking the right tomato

CHOICE discovers some delicious varieties of tomatoes to look out for - and how to pick them.

7 Oct 2009 | Tomatoes you find at the supermarket are often as hard and as tasty as cricket balls. But there are still some tasty tomatoes to be found.

Simmer sauces

Simmer sauces taste test

If you’re craving an Asian-style meal, don’t expect authenticity from a jar of simmer sauce, finds the CHOICE tasting panel.

1 Aug 2009 | CHOICE tasting panel tried 26 simmer sauces – none of them impressed and few came even close to conjuring up authentic Asian flavours.

Roasting potatoes

Potato product reviews

Some potato shapes that appeal to kids don’t make the nutritional grade.

7 Jul 2009 | Chips, fries or wedges can be handy to keep in the freezer but what is the true cost of this convenience?


Breakfast cereals buying guide

For many of us, ready-to-eat breakfast cereals are a staple food, and a good one can be the perfect kick-start to the day.

29 May 2009 | We looked at over 300 cereals and mueslis to find the ones that are best for you nutritionally.

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