Independent and trusted reviews and tests of beverages, including coffee, milk, sports drinks, and bottled juices.

Coffee chains review

Finding the best coffee

Our taste test results reveal the best – and the rest - of 10 coffee chain beans.

20 Jul 2010 | We test the coffee beans - and then taste the real thing at Gloria Jean's, Michel's Patisserie and Starbucks.

Glasses of milk

Milk products review

So many milk brands, so much marketing hype. CHOICE shows you where to find the real value.

10 Sep 2009 | CHOICE has skimmed off the marketing hype and found that generic brands of milk are much the same as the equivalent big national brands.


Bottled juice supplements

Are juices that contain extra antioxidants or supplements better for you?

26 Feb 2009 | Fruit juices with exotic supplements have spread from juice bars onto the supermarket shelves. But are these juices with feel-good extras really better for you than straight juice?

Running water

Water filters: do you need one?

A water filter may improve the taste or smell of your tap water, but be aware of the problems and cost involved.

19 Oct 2008 | Filtering the water at the tap is one way of removing the taste of additives. CHOICE looks at the pros and cons of purchasing a water filter.

Sports drinks

Sports drinks review and compare

We compared 14 brands of sports drink from supermarkets, servos and convenience stores to give you the facts.

7 Aug 2008 | Unless you’re an athletic superstar, sports drinks won’t make you run faster; they’ll merely make you fatter.

Woman in hat and scarf drinking hot chocolate

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate now promises all manner of sensual delights.

27 May 2008 | Montezuma, the 16th century ruler of the Aztec empire, is said to have fortified himself by drinking chocolate before visiting his harem. And, according to research, chocolate causes a longer-lasting buzz than kissing.


Recycled drinking water

Recycling waste water for drinking could help with water shortages but is it safe?

27 Jan 2008 | There's very high support for using recycled water on parks and gardens, but strong debate over whether it's safe to drink.


Superfruit juices review and compare

Can juice from 'super' fruits — goji, noni, mangosteen or açai — really cure cancer?

16 Aug 2007 | Forget about an orange or apple — distrubtors say if you really want to keep the doctor away, you need to knock back a daily dose of "superfruit".



The choice of milk seems endless. But what's the difference?

28 May 2007 | Ever wondered what the difference is between full or reduced fat? Or which milk has the most calcium?

Diet cola

Diet cola myths exposed

Will it really help you lose weight, or protect your teeth?

16 Mar 2007 | If you drink diet cola our taste test suggests you might enjoy one of the cheaper brands as much as the heavily promoted big names.

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