Independent and trusted reviews and tests of beverages, including coffee, milk, sports drinks, and bottled juices.


Drink bottle recycling

Five billion plastic, glass and aluminium drink containers end up in landfill or as litter. Is a national Container Deposit Scheme the answer?

20 Aug 2013 | The five billion plastic, glass and aluminium drink containers that are not recycled each year in Australia end up in landfill or as litter with significant environmental and economic impacts. Is a national Container Deposit Scheme the answer?


Bottled water

Drop for drop, bottled water costs about 2000 times more than tap water, so what are we paying for?

7 Jun 2013 | In some places tap water may not taste as good as bottled water, but it's still safe to drink. We find a little filtering is a lot cheaper than buying by the bottle.


Coffee capsules

With demand for these convenient capsules on the rise, we put Nespresso and its competitors to the test.

18 Apr 2013 | If instant coffee isn't quite to your taste, capsules or pods may be an attractive middle ground. We sample what's on the market.


What's in your milk?

We look at what's in your milk and how the milk brands stack up.

8 Apr 2013 | 30 CHOICE staffers took part in a blind taste test of 12 milks. The results are surprising.

Smoothies and frappes

Are smoothies and frappés healthy?

You might be surprised by the sugary punch packed by some of these fruit-based drinks.

14 Jan 2013 | With up to 2600kJ in one serving, the hidden sugar in some smoothies and frappés places them in the category of a junk food snack rather than a healthy drink.

Hydration during exercise

Exercise hydration

What and how much should you drink when exercising?

7 Jan 2013 | The simple act of drinking when thirsty has become complicated by science and pseudoscience. CHOICE investigates.

Wacky water

We take a look at the science behind various "enhanced" waters on the market, including hexagonal water and sports waters.

7 Jan 2013 | The market is awash with "enhanced" waters making claims about their superior chemistry. But do they offer any advantages over normal water?

Coconut Water - Fab or Fad?

Is coconut water healthy?

We find out if coconut water is all it's cracked up to be.

21 Aug 2012 | It's been hailed as 'nature's sports drink', but does coconut water live up to its health claims?


Milk alternative reviews

If you can't or won't drink cow's milk, what are your options?

26 Apr 2012 | We review soy, rice, oat, coconut and almond non-dairy milk alternatives to see how they stack up nutritionally.


Vitamin enhanced water

These products come with a ‘healthy’ dose of spin.

7 Jan 2011 | For drinks that are essentially cordials with added vitamins, “nutrient-enhanced waters” are making a splash.

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