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Crosstrainers review and compare

Elliptical crosstrainers offer low-impact, whole-body exercise – but choose the right one.
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  • Updated:4 Aug 2009

01 .Introduction


Test results for seven elliptical crosstrainers, priced from $398 to $2499

Crosstrainers give a combination of cardiovascular, lower- and upper-body exercise. The foot pedals move in an elliptical pattern, similar to slow running, giving your legs and torso a workout without the jarring impact of jogging. The moving handles exercise your arms and shoulders, rather like cross-country skiing. The result is a low-impact but effective overall workout.

Crosstrainers are popular machines in gyms, and there are many models available for home use. CHOICE put seven models to the test, to find which ones are easiest and most comfortable to use while still giving an effective workout. The crosstrainers were tested by two fitness experts, Dr Aron Murphy and Jane Flemming and by a panel of 10 CHOICE staff. We weighted the opinions of the experts more heavily, as they were able to assess the crosstrainers for ergonomics and safety as well as their range of programs and suitability for different users.

The score given by CHOICE trialists indicates how likely a layperson is to buy each machine, assuming a reasonable price. The experts and CHOICE users generally agreed on their ratings for most of the machines. Clearly, the selection of a crosstrainer is a personal choice and depends very much on your physique, fitness and how much space you have at home.

Models tested

  • Action X135
  • Bremshey Orbit Control 19F
  • Healthrider H70E
  • Infiniti Fitness EX150
  • Insight E7000P
  • Nordic Track ENT500
  • Proform 380 Razor

Please note: this information was current as of November 2009 but is still a useful guide today.


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