CHOICE recipe parsnip mash

Parsnip mash

Add a little parsnip for a great alternative to traditional mashed potatoes

24 Jun 2010 | Instead of potato, why not parsnip? Just as tasty with a hint of sage.

CHOICE recipe Moroccan pumpkin

Moroccan Pumpkin

CHOICE recipe of spiced Moroccan Pumpkin

9 Jun 2010 | A hearty dish, using coriander to complement the taste of pumpkin

CHOICE recipe Moroccan cauliflower and potatoes

Moroccan Cauliflower and Potatoes

Moroccan Cauliflower and Potatoes makes for a tasty combination

9 Jun 2010 | Your house will smell great with this combination spices

CHOICE recipe roasted carrots with thyme

Roasted carrots with thyme

A great accompaniment to any roasted meat

8 Jun 2010 | Simple and naturally sweet, this recipe is a great partner.

CHOICE recipe Irish mashed potatoes

Irish Mashed Potato

CHOICE recipe for Irish Mashed Potato

8 Jun 2010 | With a little spring onion, this recipe adds a slant on traditional mash

CHOICE recipe green and gold potato mash

Potato Mash

CHOICE recipe for Potato Mash

8 Jun 2010 | CHOICE recipe for an alternative to your standard mash potato.


Asian scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs with a tasty twist

8 Jun 2010 | An alternative to authentic scrambled eggs that can be served with dinner.

CHOICE recipe cauliflower puree

Cauliflower Puree

CHOICE recipe for Cauliflower Puree

8 Jun 2010 | A perfect accompaniment for steak, chicken or fish.

CHOICE recipe baked potato

Baked Potato

CHOICE Savoury plain baked potatoes

8 Jun 2010 | A CHOICE recipe for delicious potatoes, ready for your topping of CHOICE.


Potato recipes

Make the perfect mashed, roast and steamed potatoes.

2 Jul 2009 | Put the finishing touches on your baked dinner with these delicious roast potatoes or get perfectly light and fluffy mash with our simple to follow recipes.

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