Vegetarian bean dip

A great entree for a dinner party

2 Mar 2011 | A tasty dish that's great for everyone.


BBQ mushrooms

A great vegetarian option at your next barbecue

2 Mar 2011 | A tasty recipe for BBQ mushrooms with herbs.


Celeriac mash

CHOICE recipe for Celeriac mash

5 Aug 2010 | For an alternative to potato, why not try celeriac?

beschemell 001

Bechamel Sauce

A yummy sauce to go with numerous dishes

6 Jul 2010 | A tasty and handy sauce to go with different dishes like lasagna and au gratin

peas mushy pie 001

Mushy peas

These mushy peas add a special touch to many other delicious recipes

5 Jul 2010 | Mushy peas can accentuate an already savoury dish with more flavour


Carrots in Red Wine

Sweet and tangy carrots

1 Jul 2010 | A CHOICE recipe for tangy balsamic and red wine carrots

CHOICE recipe for guacamole


CHOICE recipe for Guacamole

25 Jun 2010 | A classic recipe, reloaded with fantastic flavour, try it out.

potato bake recipe

Potato bake recipe

CHOICE easy potato bake

24 Jun 2010 | Six ingredients - definitely simple and very tasty - creamy potato bake.

CHOICE recipe Salsa


CHOICE recipe for salsa

24 Jun 2010 | A tasty fresh side for guacamole and other dishes

CHOICE recipe cauliflower au gratin

Cauliflower au gratin

CHOICE recipe for cauliflower au gratin

24 Jun 2010 | Quick and easy way to make cauliflower very tasty.

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