Fennel salad

A fresh and delicious salad.

2 Mar 2011 | A delicious salad that quick and easy to make.


Broad bean and haloumi salad

A fresh salad perfect for any occasion.

2 Mar 2011 | Try this delicious salad that combines broad beans, haloumi and red capsicum.


Watercress salad

A simple salad that you can whip up in seconds

2 Mar 2011 | An accompaniment to any meal.


Cucumber salad

A tasty and fresh summer salad.

20 Jan 2011 | A simple way to freshen your summer meals.


German Potato salad

Classic German Potato salad

17 Sep 2010 | A savoury salad with a tang.


Roasted beetroot spinach and mint salad

CHOICE recipe for a sweet and salty salad

25 Jun 2010 | Ingredients that may not often go together makes a great salad

CHOICE recipe radish and feta dip

Radish and feta dip

CHOICE recipe for radish with danish feta dip

24 Jun 2010 | Sliced radish used to eat this feta dip adds a fresh taste.

CHOICE recipe potato and tomato salad

Potato and tomato salad

Add a little tang to your potato salad

8 Jun 2010 | The classic potato salad with a different companion.

CHOICE recipe egg and dill salad

Egg and Dill Salad

CHOICE recipe for Egg and Dill Salad

8 Jun 2010 | A savoury salad or dip, either way it tastes great

CHOICE recipe tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad

Tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad

Fast, simple and tasty salad for a hot summers day.

8 Jun 2010 | This simple salad with a fresh, cool taste is the perfect addition to a summer BBQ.

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