How to make lasagna step by step

8 Feb 2011 | A delicious recipe for the whole family.


Cinnamon chicken pasta

Add a unique sweet touch to your pasta - a great recipe for slow cookers.

20 Jan 2011 | A tasty chicken and cinnamon recipe best served with pasta.


Eggplant and mushroom pasta

A tasty vegetable pasta with a touch of cinnamon.

14 Jan 2011 | Eggplant and mushroom pasta with a touch of cinnamon, topped with parmasan cheese.


Spaghetti vongole

A savoury pasta dish with clams and pancetta

7 Jul 2010 | Savoury clam and pancetta pasta dish which can be made with linguini or spaghetti.

CHOICE recipe for broad bean pasta

Broad bean pasta

Tasty broad bean pasta

25 Jun 2010 | Using broad beans to make a great pasta dish.

CHOICE recipe mushroom pasta with sage

Mushroom pasta with sage

Mushroom with a hint of sage make this great pasta dish

24 Jun 2010 | A tasty mushroom pasta with a hint of sage.

CHOICE recipe for mushroom risotto

Mushroom risotto

Pine mushroom risotto

24 Jun 2010 | Delicious recipe for pine mushroom risotto and white wine.

CHOICE recipes Mexican beans and rice

Mexican Beans and Rice

CHOICE recipe of Mexican Beans and Rice

9 Jun 2010 | A rich and spicy vegetarian meal of Mexican Beans and Rice.

CHOICE recipe bolognese

Spaghetti bolognese

Slow cooked bolognese sauce

8 Jun 2010 | Use the CHOICE recipe for bolognese sauce to serve with your choice of pasta.

CHOICE recipe egg and bacon pasta

Egg and bacon pasta

Quick and easy savory pasta

8 Jun 2010 | CHOICE recipe egg and bacon pasta that's quick and easy.


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