How to defrost a chicken

How to defrost a chicken using your microwave.
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01.How to defrost chicken

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1 x 1.6kg frozen chicken

• Remove plastic wrap from chicken, make note of the weight.
• Place chicken breast side down on a microwave proof defrost plate (porcelain rack with grids) or place directly on a microwave proof plate.
• Defrost using microwave instructions - if auto defrost you will need to enter the weight to get the time - or manually - which is 30% power level, the next lowest power setting or stated 'defrost' setting - for approximately 30 minutes for a 1.5 kg chicken if a 800 - 900W oven. 26 minutes if a 1000W.
• Some microwaves will beep to indicate when to turn the chicken and shield drumsticks, wings and breast with foil. If no beep turn and shield chicken half way through defrost time. See photo.  
• Use square pieces of foil that are 10cm x 10cm for all shielding this is to ensure there is not too much foil. Excess foil could cause the microwave oven to arc.
• Remove chicken from the microwave oven. Allow chicken to stand at room temperature for 15 minutes in defrosting dish. Rinse cavity with cold water to remove any ice crystals.
• Dry chicken well before cooking.
• Once chicken is defrosted it needs to be cooked within 2 days.

Tips on how to prepare a fresh chicken to freeze

• Remove chicken from plastic bag wash thoroughly ensuring that giblets, neck and interior fat are removed. Chickens should now weigh at least 100g less than the specified weight.
• Prepare chicken for freezing by washing chicken, then dry chicken thoroughly.
• Truss chicken by tying the legs together. Tuck the wings into each other under the body.
• Wrap chicken in two layers of plastic wrap, ensuring that there are no air bubbles and all of the chicken is covered.
• Freeze chicken in a freezer that is at least -16°C.
• Chicken can be frozen for 6 months as long as it is well wrapped and sealed.

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