white sauce

How to cook bechamel sauce in a microwave

We show you how to whip up this versatile sauce without using a cooktop.

8 Feb 2011 | A tasty sauce to go with different dishes like lasagna and au gratin


How to cook a steak

Aim to impress at your next BBQ - find out how to cook the perfect steak.

2 Feb 2011 | A sometimes-misunderstood task, simplified.

HT defrost chook 004

How to defrost a chicken

How to defrost a chicken using your microwave.

27 Jan 2011 | The best tips to defrosting your chicken in the microwave.

pizza doh001

How to make pizza dough

Make your own homemade dough, fresh from your kitchen.

25 Jan 2011 | Try this simple, low-fuss pizza dough recipe.


How to cook soft bacon

The perfect addition to any big breakfast or a BLT on the run.

21 Jan 2011 | Cook's CHOICE reveals how easy it is to prepare soft bacon every time.

crispy bacon 003

How to cook crispy bacon

How to get that perfectly crisp bacon.

21 Jan 2011 | Cook's CHOICE shares the tips on how to cook crispy bacon.

HT defrost chook 022

How to butterfly a chicken

Step by step instructions on how to butterfly a chicken.

20 Jan 2011 | Our simple step-by-step guide to butterfly a chicken.

choc melted

How to melt chocolate in a microwave

A quick and easy way to melt chocolate

20 Jan 2011 | Melting chocolate in your microwave is quicker than using your stovetop.

pancakes rolled

How to make pancakes

Simple recipe for making pancakes.

17 Jan 2011 | A simple and easy way to make a pancake


How to Crumb Fish

CHOICE crumbs fish

17 Sep 2010 | How to crumb your fish to make a delicate and flavoursome meal.

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