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Getting there and around

A guide to seeing the most popular destinations in the USA, including how to get there and which airports to use. - Top US destinations and how to get there.

Getting around


Buses and coaches run between major cities and serve some rural areas. Greyhound is the largest provider, covering all 48 states as well as Canada and Mexico. Tickets can be bought online, at bus stations, over the phone or at some convenience stores. Other providers include Megabus, which serves more than 100 cities, and Coach USA, which operates more than 20 local bus companies all over the US. If you're not sure which company to book with, try searching on


Trains connecting US cities are operated by Amtrak. Tickets can be bought at stations or booked online. Bookings open 11 months in advance and the earlier you book the better price you'll get. Amtrak also offers USA Rail Passes for 15, 30 or 45 days. If you have the time, it's possible to cross the country by train, seeing a lot more than you would from a plane. The Man in Seat 61 lists a number of scenic cross-country options. Tailored train trips and packages can be booked via or

Domestic flights

Flights are frequent and competitively priced. Major airlines include American AirlinesVirgin America and jetBlue. You can book via their websites, or compare fares and book using sites like and

Tip: is a great resource for working out how to get from A to B by any means of transport, anywhere in the world.

Getting around towns and cities will depend on where you are. For example, New York has an excellent subway system, whereas LA is a very car-centric city with limited public transport. Metered taxis are common in all major towns and cities.

Public transport trip-planners by city

More at

In more than half the states, the public transport info line is 511.

Car hire

Driving is arguably the best way to get around in the USA. Road trips are an American institution and a car or campervan will give you the freedom to explore at your own pace. AvisHertz, Dollar and Alamo are some of the major operators, but you may find cheaper rates with smaller players such as Ace, Advantage, Fox, Payless, and Sixt. You can compare rental prices on travel booking sites such as or on the dedicated car rental comparison and booking sites and (Autoslash will also automatically search for discount coupons and special offers).

Tip: Enterprise rated highest in a 2014 US car hire satisfaction study.

Be on the lookout for hidden charges and taxes. Unexpected items on your bill could include fees for toll passes, GPS units, child seats, one-way drop-offs, late drop-offs, alleged damage to the vehicle and grossly inflated petrol costs. Even more baffling charges could come under the headings "concession fees", "facility charges" or "convenience fees". Some may be valid, but ask the company to disclose and explain them in full. See our guide to car hire for more advice.

Airport rentals will almost always be significantly pricier. Compare airport rates with nearby locations. You can often hire the car off-site and then drop it off at the airport at the end of your holiday.

Before you sign up for all the insurance extras that the rental company will inevitably try to sell you, check to see what's already covered by your travel insurance. Some credit card programs also offer car rental cover.

CHOICE's US sister organisation, Consumer Reports, has produced a comprehensive guide to summer road travel which includes avoiding extra fees or unfair damage costs, finding the cheapest gas and tips for a stress-free road trip with kids.

Tip: Most companies will only rent to drivers aged over 21 who have held a licence for more than a year. Some may have a maximum age limit, or they may charge a young/senior driver surcharge.

Tip: Check the law in the state(s) you'll be visiting to find out whether you can drive on your Australian licence, but be aware that some car hire companies will only rent to customers who have an international licence.

Where to find tips for getting around the USA, information about hiring a car and the best sites for booking accommodation - download the USA travel guide.

Driving in the USA

  • Vehicles drive on the right-hand side of the road.
  • All occupants must wear seatbelts.
  • Mobile phone use is not permitted while driving, unless with a hands-free device.
  • Children under six must have an appropriate child seat. Beyond that age, laws vary by state.
  • The blood alcohol limit is 0.08mg in most states, 0.05mg in some others.
  • At intersections with no traffic lights, vehicles give way on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Right turns on red lights are generally permitted provided you give way to other vehicles and crossing pedestrians unless signed "No right turn on red".
  • Most multi-lane roads have marked median areas where U-turns are permitted. These can be used by motorists travelling in either direction.
  • School zones have reduced speed limits, as in Australia.
  • If a school bus stops and its lights begin flashing, all traffic travelling in both directions is required to stop while students enter or exit the bus safely.
  • If an ambulance, police car or fire truck approaches with its siren on, pull over to the side of the road and stop the car until the emergency vehicle has passed.
  • If you are stopped by the police, DO NOT get out of your car. Wait for the officer to approach your window and keep your hands in plain sight.

Accommodation and tours

Accommodation in the USA varies from cheap motels to five-star resorts. The cost is similar to here in Australia, if not a little cheaper, depending on the location and the exchange rate.

Most hotels, motels, resorts and bed and breakfasts are easily booked online through sites such as, or Check reviews on before you book. If you're looking for a homestay or apartment rental, is widely used in the United States.

Tip: Expect to pay more than the advertised price once sales tax and hotel tax has been added.

Tours can be booked through a travel agent or online through a major tour operator before you go (try or For the easiest option of all, consider a package deal from a travel agent such as Flight Centre, which includes flights, transport, accommodation and sometimes even meals.

Package tours or self-drive tours are a low-stress option for travellers who don't want to organise their flights, accommodation and on-the-ground transport separately. For deals, check the airline sites above, as well as, and travel agents.

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