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    Health insurance

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Health insurance

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Extras covers things outside hospital like optical, dental, orthodontics, physio, podiatry and psychology services. 

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How the funds rate

Find out how our experts rate funds on out-of-pocket costs, fund complaints and more.

  • Teachers Health

    A restricted membership health fund for current and former members of education unions and their families.
  • Bupa

    Founded in 1947, Bupa Australia is part of the international Bupa Group that provides health and care services in more than 190 countries.
  • Medibank

    Launched in 1976, Medibank is today one of Australia's largest health funds.
  • Australian Unity

    A mutual company, Australian Unity Health Ltd has a 175-year history in Australia.
  • ACA

    A restricted membership health fund for Seventh-day Adventist Church employees and their families.
  • CBHS corporate

    A nonprofit health fund for individuals and workplaces that also promotes employee wellbeing.
  • CDH

    Launched as a health fund for miners in 1952, now covering the wider community.
  • CUA

    Founded in 1976 by CUA, Australia's largest customer-owned financial services provider.
  • Emergency services health

    Emergency Services Health is a restricted-member nonprofit health fund for Australia's emergency services community.
  • Frank

    A member-based, nonprofit health fund launched by GMHBA in 2009.
  • Health Partners

    A nonprofit mutual organisation founded in South Australia in 1937.
  • Health Care

    HCI is a nonprofit, member-owned health fund that was established in 1938.

    An online-only health fund, owned by Australian nonprofit health fund GMHBA.
  • Latrobe Health Services

    A nonprofit health fund that was established in 1951.
  • Nurses & Midwives Health

    A restricted membership health fund for current and former members of a nursing/midwifery union and their families.
  • Mildura Health

    A nonprofit, member-owned regional health fund, operating since 1929.
  • Navy Health

    A restricted membership health fund for current and former members of the wider defence community.
  • Phoenix

    A mutual nonprofit private health insurer, established in 1953 originally for the steel industry.
  • Police Health

    A restricted membership health fund for employees of police departments and unions and their eligible family members.
  • Queensland Country Health

    A member-owned regional-based health fund established in 1977.
  • RT Health

    RT Health is a restricted-member nonprofit health fund for transport and energy sector employees and their families.
  • Transport Health

    Owned by the nonprofit RT Health Fund, it was founded in 1888, originally for tram workers.
  • TUH Health

    TUH Health Fund is a restricted-membership health insurer open to past and present members of a union and their families.
  • Westfund Health

    A nonprofit health fund that began in 1953 for miners, it continues to focus on regional communities today.
  • HCF

    Established in 1932, HCF is Australia's largest nonprofit health fund.
  • NIB

    Established 60 years ago, NIB provides health cover to more than a million Australians.
  • HBF

    A nonprofit health fund founded in WA in 1941 with almost a million members nationally.
  • AHM

    Online health fund that began in regional NSW 40 years ago, now owned by Medibank Private.

    A member-based, nonprofit health fund which began in Geelong in 1934, GMHBA also owns Frank and health funds.
  • Defence Health

    Defence Health is a restricted-membership health fund for the Australian Defence Force and wider defence community.
  • CBHS Health Fund

    CBHS Health Fund, established in 1951, is a nonprofit, member-owned health insurer for employees of the Commonwealth Bank Group.
  • Doctors' Health Fund

    Doctors' Health Fund was established in 1977 to provide health insurance for healthcare professionals and their families.
  • HIF

    A nonprofit and carbon-neutral health fund, originally founded in WA in 1954.
  • Peoplecare

    A national, nonprofit health fund established in 1953.
  • St.LukesHealth

    A nonprofit health fund first established in Tasmania in 1952.

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