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Compare CBHS Health Fund health insurance

How CBHS rates for member complaints, gap cover and ambulance.

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Who is CBHS Health Fund?

CBHS Health Fund, established in 1951, is a nonprofit, member-owned health insurer for employees of the Commonwealth Bank Group. CBHS is a restricted fund exclusive to current and former employees of the Commonwealth Bank Group (CBA), employees of CBA contractors and their extended families. CBHS is a part of Members Health, an alliance of nonprofit and mutual health funds.

Phone: 1300 654 123


Does CBHS Health Fund get many complaints from members?

CBHS Health Fund has a Medium complaints rating.

When we score policies we give each fund a complaints rating, based on the number of complaints and serious disputes the Ombudsman deals with. We take into account the size of the fund, so big funds don't get automatically penalised for having more complaints. The ratings are Low, Medium and High. A Low rating is better than a High rating – it means the fund has fewer complaints and fewer serious disputes for its size.

How good is CBHS Health Fund's gap cover?

A medical gap is the difference between Medicare's recommended fee and what your doctor actually charges for a treatment or service.

Health funds have agreements with particular doctors and hospitals to cover all of the gap, which are called 'no gap agreements', or part of that gap, which are called 'known gap agreements' (these will have lower out-of-pocket costs, usually less than $500).

Our graphic below displays the CHOICE gap rating, which takes into account the percentage of services where members either paid no gap or a known gap, compared to the state average.

Rating scale

  • Well above average
  • Above average
  • Average
  • Below average
  • Well below average

How many hospital agreements does CBHS Health Fund have in each state?

The benefit amount your fund pays you for hospital services depends not only on the type of cover you buy, but also whether your fund has an agreement with the hospital where you're treated. 

The table below shows how many hospital agreements CBHS Health Fund has in your state compared to the fund with the highest number (the industry maximum). Note that public hospitals don't have agreements with specific funds and are generally treated as though they're agreement hospitals.

Does CBHS Health Fund offer any discounts?

While CBHS Health Fund doesn't offer any discounts for prepaying your annual premium or paying by direct debit, youth discounts are offered on all hospital and combined products and are transferable (which means you can transfer a discount from another fund to one of these policies).

Does CBHS Health Fund offer ambulance cover?

All CBHS Health Fund hospital and combined policies have emergency ambulance cover.

Does CBHS Health fund offer family policies that cover adult children?

  • Adult children are covered on family policies for free until they turn 18.
  • Full-time students are covered on family policies for free until they turn 31.
  • Adult children younger than 31 can be covered on extended family policies for an extra cost. 

Does CBHS Health Fund let you claim online or in-app?

You can claim online and via an app (iOS and Android) for extras services including optical, dental and physio, and some additional services including ambulance, hypnotherapy blood glucose services, travel and accommodation.

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