Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides of electric and gas ovens and rangehoods.

Ceramic cooktop

Ceramic cooktop reviews

Ceramic cooktops have the looks, and they perform well too.

2 Oct 2012 | Ceramic cooktops have easy-to-clean surfaces and a mid-range price tag. Which ones perform best?


Benchtop oven reviews

Benchtop ovens are cheap and convenient but can get dangerously hot.

9 Feb 2012 | CHOICE reviews six small benchtop or toaster ovens, priced $109 to $300.


Freestanding electric cooker reviews

Modern freestanding cookers look streamlined compared to their retro counterparts, but how do they perform?

10 Nov 2011 | These all-electric cookers look sleek, with controls at the front so your splashback can run across the whole wall.


Breville fast slow cooker first look

This reasonably priced appliance is ideal if you’re pressed for time.

5 Aug 2011 | Looking to save time in the kitchen? The Breville fast slow cooker offers four functions in one cooker.

Oven cleaners

Oven cleaner reviews

Unless you wipe your oven clean after each use, you’ll need help with the dreaded job.

21 Jul 2010 | If you don’t wipe your oven regularly after each use, you’ll need a lot of time or elbow grease to clean it, or a specially formulated oven cleaner.


Rangehoods buying guide

Get rid of kitchen steam and smells.

2 Jul 2010 | You can pay $1000 or more for a rangehood, but during testing we've found some good ones among the lower-priced models.

Breville slow cooker

Breville slow cooker review

This slow cooker makes delicious meals that practically cook themselves.

30 Jun 2010 | If you're pressed for time when it comes to making dinner, a slow cooker could be the answer to your problems.


Salamander quick review

Stylish overhead heating comes at a price.

17 May 2010 | This appliance does the job, but is it worth the hefty price tag?


Supersteam oven quick review

It steams, bakes and microwaves with surprising efficiency. This newcomer from Sharp gets the thumbs up from CHOICE.

18 Jan 2010 | The Sharp Supersteam combines healthy multi-function cooking with a space-saving design.

Shuttle Chef

Thermos Shuttle Chef quick review

Energy-efficient and portable, this slow cooker is handy at home and outdoors.

12 Feb 2009 | The Thermos Shuttle Chef consists of a steel cooking pot that fits inside an insulated outer pot.

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