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Last updated: 13 December 2019

CHOICE reviews the latest blenders to help you find the best all-round performer to suit your needs. Our review covers:

  • personal blenders like Nutribullet and Ninja models
  • high-performance blenders from brands such as Vitamix, Optimum and Breville
  • standard low-to mid-priced blenders including Kmart and Sunbeam.
  • Our blender buying guide helps you decide which type you need, and how we test explains our rigour.

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    We conduct a number of tests in our kitchen lab, including chopping carrots, blending a soft food and crushing ice. We also perform additional green smoothie and kale-blending tests to see:

    • which are best at blending a range of ingredients
    • which are easiest to operate and clean.

    Scores are comparable according to type: a high-powered blender capable of nut butters and making soups from raw ingredients will be tested differently to a blender designed only for the basics.

    Our interactive comparison tool helps you find out which brands are quieter and which are best at performing tough tasks like blending leafy vegetables. Our Recommended rating will help you see quickly which models come out on top.

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      Blender type

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      Standard blenders are cheaper; core functions are to blend soups and smoothies and crush ice. High-performance blenders are more powerful and can cost over $1000; suitable for nut butters, sorbets and making hot soups from raw ingredients using friction. Personal blenders are ideal for single-serve smoothies and can come with chopping attachments. Scores are only comparable by type.

        Performance score

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        Overall performance is based on how each type of blender performs its core tasks. All are tested for blending a soft food, crushing ice and blending kale. Extra tests include: chopping carrots for standard blenders and green smoothie for personal blenders. High-performance blenders are tested on both of these, plus nut butter and sorbet.

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        Ease of use score

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        We check how stable the jug is on the unit as well as how heavy it is to lift, how easy the controls are to use and how easy the blender is to clean. The ease of use score accounts for 40% of the overall score.

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        Included in this review

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        • Overall score
        • Ease of use
        • Green smoothie test
        • Kale test
        • Nut butter test
        • Sorbet test
        • Blend a soft liquid
        • Crush
        • Chop
        • Dough
        • Dry milling nuts
        • Parmesan cheese
        • Raw soup score (%)
        • Pulse option
        • Speed cut out
        • Recommended processing time
        • Some parts dishwasher safe
        • Good points
        • Bad points
        • Performance score
        • Brand
        • Model
        • Status
        • Price
        • Blender type
        • Blender construction
        • Jug type
        • Number of speeds
        • Cord storage
        • Jug lock
        • Removable blade housing
        • Dimensions (cm, H x W x D)
        • Wattage (W)
        • Weight of blender (kg)
        • Weight of jug (kg)
        • Jug capacity (L)
        • Lid lock
        • Measuring cap lock
        • Noise level (dB)
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