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Kitchen mixer reviews

Last updated: 21 January 2019

If you regularly make breads, cakes, pizza dough and other heavy batters, you'll need a stand (benchtop) mixer, which has more grunt than a hand mixer. We lab test and review the latest stand mixers to help you find the best.

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Whether you want to spend big or just need a simple mixer, our test covers a range of models. Our expert testers give every mixer a thorough workout to help find the models that:

  • are best at whisking, beating and kneading
  • are the easiest to use
  • are the easiest to clean
  • come with all the bells and whistles

We also give you good and bad points for each model and tell you how much noise they make to help you find the perfect mixer for your kitchen space. And our Recommended rating will help you quickly see which models come out on top.

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List of brands we tested in this review.


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    This is the manufacturer's recommended retail price. Prices are generally flexible, so shop around both online and in bricks-and-mortar shops for options.

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    Single/twin tool attachment

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    Single tool attachments can handle heavier loads and can knead dough. This type is for the serious and regular cook, and ideal for batch preparation. Twin tool attachments are a cheaper alternative for the occasional cook, but if you're making dough you'll need to knead it by hand.

      CHOICE Expert Rating

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      This overall score is made up of performance (60%) and ease of use (40%).

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      We whisk egg whites using the whisk attachment; mix a cake using the K-beater, heavy-duty beater or scraper beater; and make pizza dough using the dough hook attachment. All tests are weighted equally.

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      Ease of use

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      We assess how easy it is to use the controls and read the labelling, lift and lower the head, remove and replace the bowl and mixing tools, add ingredients while the machine is operating and clean removable parts and the main unit.

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      • Whisk score
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      • Dough score
      • Noise (dB)
      • Good points
      • Bad points
      • Comment
      • Brand
      • Model
      • Price
      • Availability
      • Single/twin tool attachment
      • Whisk attachment
      • Dough hook
      • Beater attachment
      • Splash guard
      • Number of speeds
      • Bowl lock
      • Spring-loaded motor head
      • Dishwasher safe
      • Extra outlet for optional attachments
      • Bowl type
      • Dimensions (cm, HxWxD)
      • Weight (kg)
      • Bowl capacity (L)
      • Wattage (W)
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