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Hand mixer reviews

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Last updated: 03 November 2020


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If you whisk egg whites, whip cream or make cake batters, a hand mixer is a handy appliance. We lab test and review the latest models to help you find the best hand mixer.

Whether you want a basic hand mixer or one that comes with more accessories, our test covers a range of them so you can be sure to find one that works well for you. Our expert testers give every hand mixer a thorough workout to help find:

  • which models are best at whisking and beating
  • which models are the easiest to use
  • good and bad points for each hand mixer
  • how much noise they make
  • a list of recommended models for quick reference.

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So what exactly do we test in order to review hand mixers and give you all of this information?

Our kitchen experts Fiona and Chantelle conduct two main performance tests:

  • Whisking egg whites – we use the beaters to whisk egg whites to form stiff peaks. Where supplied, we also use the wire whisk attachment.
  • Beating a cake batter – the beaters are used to assess how well the hand mixers combine dry and wet ingredients, to form an even and smooth cake mix. We no longer test the dough hooks, when supplied. In previous tests we've found that hand mixers don't have the power needed to knead dough.

Ease of use
Fiona and Chantelle assess ease of use by checking how easy it is to:

  • use the controls
  • read the labelling
  • insert and remove the mixing tools
  • stand the mixer during operation
  • store the unit with its accessories
  • clean the hand mixer.

They also assess the general comfort, balance and control, hand grip and strain on the wrist during operation.

If you need more information, read our hand mixer buying guide to help you understand what to look for.

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