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Wall ovens to avoid buying

It's the hero of your kitchen, so you need an oven that's up to the task. Steer clear of these six wall oven models.

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Last updated: 23 November 2023

Need to know

  • CHOICE experts test more than 35 wall ovens from brands including Bosch, Fisher & Paykel, AEG, Electrolux and more
  • We give each model a score based on performance and ease of use, including everything from to how well it roasts to how simple the controls are
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An oven is arguably the most important appliance in your kitchen, and often the most expensive, so you'll want to make sure you choose a top scorer.

We test and review a wide range of wall ovens to help you avoid buyer's remorse and nab yourself an appliance that will go the distance (and hopefully help you nail that perfect sponge or ultimate roast dinner with ease). 

These six low-performing models from Everdure, Inalto, Haier, Electrolux and Bosch failed to impress our expert testers, so we suggest you do your research before you buy.

Choosing an oven

"To get the best out of any oven you need to become familiar with it," says CHOICE kitchen expert Fiona Mair. "An oven with a low performance score in our testing may just require a little more trial and error to get better results. 

"When you are purchasing an oven, think about what you like to bake and what functions you will need to achieve the best results.

"Most ovens are multifunctional, so choose one that has the functions that will best suit your needs. Don't just look at the brand name or its price, as you may be disappointed." 

Hot oven buying tips

According to Fiona, most ovens cook well, but it's the ease of use that separates the average from the outstanding. She recommends checking the controls, shelf design and internal surfaces instore before committing to a purchase.

"Make sure the controls are clearly labelled and easy to understand," she says. "Try pulling the shelves and trays in and out to see if they run smoothly and that there are stoppers to prevent spills.

Make sure the controls are clearly labelled and easy to understand

Fiona Mair, CHOICE kitchen expert

"Finally, check the visibility through the door and look for awkward gaps in the door or internal surfaces that will be tricky to clean."

Also, look for an oven that has the accessories you need. Fiona recommends at least two shelves, a baking tray that slides into the shelf supports, and a grill rack. 

Lowest scoring ovens in our tests

We don't want you to end up with a dud buy, so here are the products that scored lowest in our lab tests. Consider becoming a CHOICE member to see the best performers.

ilve ov60slkmpss

High price, low performance: This Ilve oven doesn't live up to its large price tag.

Ilve OV60SLKMP/SS 60cm wide wall oven

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 68%
  • Price: $2499

Two and half thousand dollars is a lot of money to spend on an oven that CHOICE experts weren't overly impressed with. It received the lowest score of all the ovens we tested, rating even lower than significantly cheaper models from Ikea, Westinghouse and Omega.

You'd think an oven this expensive would just about do the cooking for you, but our expert testers found it challenging to use – and they know their way around a kitchen, so that's really saying something. 

Let's start with the controls: the labelling is small and faint and can be difficult to see, the controls may not be accurate for time or temperature, and the functions are symbols, so you'll be constantly referring to the manual while you get the hang of them. 

You'd think an oven this expensive would just about do the cooking for you, but our expert testers found it challenging to use

Grilling in this oven can be an exercise in frustration: the grill tray moves out loosely and doesn't have stoppers to prevent it being pulled all the way out, and it can tilt if you put a heavy load on it. It can be difficult to see your food cooking under the grill on the top shelf. 

For this price you'd expect an oven with a pyrolytic cleaning function, but this one doesn't deliver, and doesn't have catalytic liners, either. 

If you have this kind of money to spend on an oven, we suggest you don't drop it on this one. 

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Everdure OBEGS601: Cheap for a reason.

Everdure OBEGS601

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 68%
  • Price: $543

This Everdure oven may be cheap (in fact, it's the cheapest we tested), but you'll pay a higher price on performance and safety. It's one of the lowest scorers in our tests and received a scalding review by our testers. 

"Unfortunately, this model is very basic and limited in functions, which restricts what you can cook, and reflects in its performance," says Fiona. 

This model is very basic and limited in functions, which restricts what you can cook, and reflects in its performance

Fiona Mair, CHOICE kitchen expert

"Yes it is relatively cheap, however it scores just 60% in our 'Ease of Use' tests and also compromises on safety: the shelf tilts with a heavy load and there is no shield in front of the grill element. It also has no stoppers that prevent the shelves from being pulled out accidentally."

Fiona says that a lower price tag on an oven can indicate the model has limited features and potential safety issues. A few other models under $1000 perform better in our testing, so we recommend checking reviews before you buy. 

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inalto io60xl5m

Inalto IO60XL5M: Budget-friendly but not user-friendly.

Inalto IO60XL5M

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 70%
  • Price: $599

Scoring a lukewarm 61% for ease of use, this Inalto oven won't set your world on fire – but it might burn your grilled cheese sandwich. 

It performed well when roasting, as well as baking at low temperatures and over multiple shelves. But our experts found its grilling skills galling – they scored it just 30% for this test. 

"This oven's manual controls for temperature and time may be simple to use, but the temperature and time selection may be inaccurate," says Fiona. "The temperature control is in increments of 50°C, which can make it difficult to select the right temperature."

What it saves you in money it'll cost you in hassle as you struggle with its confusing controls, tricky-to-use grill and wobbly shelves

Even though it's priced well at less than $600, what it saves you in money it'll cost you in hassle as you struggle with its confusing controls, tricky-to-use grill and wobbly shelves that tilt with a heavy load. Oh, and it's a pain to clean, too. 

It's certainly budget-friendly, but if you can stretch your budget a little further you could buy something far better. 

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bosch hbf133bs0a

Bosch HBF133BS0A: Disappointing for the price.

Bosch HBF133BS0A

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 71%
  • Price: $999

The Bosch HBF133BS0A didn't exactly wow our experts – but it's not a dud either. We just think there are better ovens for the price.

It did get excellent scores for low-temperature baking, so it'll turn out lovely meringues. But its high-temperature cooking score was less than stellar at 50%, which means pizza without the crispy base (truly a culinary crime). 

The controls were only OK to use, the manual temperature dial may not be accurate, and the function symbols are small

It has catalytic liners, but only on the back wall, which means you'll still need to scrape and scrub the ceiling, walls and floor of the oven to keep it clean – which kind of defeats the purpose of having catalytic liners. (Not sure what catalytic liners are? We explain all about pyrolytic and catalytic ovens.)

It's not really a pleasure to operate either, with our experts noting that the controls were only OK to use, the manual temperature dial may not be accurate, and the function symbols are small. 

It doesn't have telescopic runners, and the shelves move out loosely, plus the door can slam shut when almost closed – all things that can add up to a ruined roast or a crummy cake. 

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haier hwo60s7mb4 black

This Haier is low on price and on functionality.

Haier HWO60S7MB4 Black

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 71%
  • Price: $599

Its low price tag is a definite plus, but what you'll save in money on this Haier oven you'll lose in functions and ease of use. 

Like other models in this sorry list, the controls were sub-par: manual control dials for time and temperature that may not be accurate, symbols on the dials that you'll need to decode using the manual, plus a timer that only goes for 60 minutes, which is annoying if you need to cook for longer than an hour. 

You'll be relying heavily on the instruction manual to begin with, but our experts found them basic at best, with diagrams that are difficult to comprehend. (And our kitchen experts are pros at reading manuals, so if they struggled, what hope do regular home cooks have?)

It disappointed when roasting a chicken and was marked down for being frustrating to use, but it actually scored reasonably well on a number of our tests – so if you're looking for a cheaper oven and you have the patience of a saint, you may find this one okay for your needs.

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electrolux eve614dse

This Electrolux could cause you to lose your lunch.

Electrolux EVE614DSE review

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 71%
  • Price: $1399

A score of 71% isn't terrible – it's technically classed as 'Good' under our rating scale – but when the top performers sit around 85% and higher, it puts this Electrolux's score into perspective. 

Another oven with a grill that's far from brill, it'll also disappoint for cooking roasts. Not to mention that if you're cooking something heavy, the shelf can tilt so your Sunday roast could end up on the floor if you're not careful. And to add to your disappointment, you may end up with a sad-looking roast chook – our experts found the oven didn't crisp the skin and the browning was patchy.

If you like to have a clear view of food cooking in your oven then the Electrolux isn't the best, with the visibility through the glass panel and internal light being marked down by our experts.

Instructions are important when purchasing a new oven, but unfortunately this model only comes with a quick start guide. You'll need to go online, download and print the full manual if you want all the details. 

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