Kitchen appliances

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides to compare prices and performance of kitchen appliances such as kettles, juicers, cooking utensils and bakeware.

My Cook

MyCook Domestic first look

There's room for improvement, but the MyCook has potential.

6 May 2011 | With a similar price tag and functions to the famous Thermomix, the MyCook has a way to go before it's in the same class.


Thermomix review

This surprising benchtop appliance could make many of your kitchen essentials obsolete.

2 Nov 2010 | This 10-function cooking appliance is much praised for its versatility in the kitchen.


Pizza ovens quick review

Pizza is a popular dish but will this pizza making appliance just make its way to the back of your cupboard?

3 Sep 2010 | We review 3 pizza ovens priced from $130 to $159.

Food processor

Food Processor Buying Guide

Does paying more get you a better food processor?

2 Jul 2010 | A food processor can slice, shred, chop and blend foods; some can also mix cakes and knead dough.

Breville slow cooker

Breville slow cooker review

This slow cooker makes delicious meals that practically cook themselves.

30 Jun 2010 | If you're pressed for time when it comes to making dinner, a slow cooker could be the answer to your problems.


Breville tea maker and kettle review

The latest kettle that also brews the perfect cup of tea.

4 Jun 2010 | If you enjoy a good cup of tea, you're sure to find your perfect brew with this tea maker and kettle.


Sunbeam Glass Kettle review

The latest kettle has a glassy design, but at a cost.

7 Mar 2010 | Is it worth sacrificing ease of use for style when buying your next kettle?

chocolate fountains

Chocolate fountains quick review

These chocolate fountains are better in theory than in practice.

18 Nov 2009 | Given the mess it creates, a chocolate fountain isn't something you'll be bringing out for every occasion.


Children's appliances review

They may not be enough to keep your children interested in cooking once the novelty has worn off.

4 Nov 2009 | These gadgets can be a good way to get children into the kitchen, but be prepared to compromise on taste.

Food steamer

Food steamer reviews

Electric food steamers do what they claim, but which do it best?

7 Sep 2009 | Are steamers any healthier than other ways to steam food? CHOICE tested 15, looking at their ease of use and performace.

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