Kitchen appliances

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides to compare prices and performance of kitchen appliances such as kettles, juicers, cooking utensils and bakeware.

Food processors

Food processor reviews

When it comes to food processors, is price an indicator of quality?

1 Oct 2013 | While all these things can be done with a chopping board and knife or a grater, hand whisk and so on, food processors are much quicker.


First look: Tefal Cook4Me

Are you under pressure to cook a hearty meal in no time? Then perhaps the Tefal Cook4Me is just what you need.

23 Aug 2013 | Are you under pressure to cook a hearty meal in no time? Then perhaps the Tefal Cook4Me is just what you need.


First Look: Sunbeam Duos Sous Vide and Slow Cooker

Sunbeam has released its first sous vide, which pulls double duty as a slow cooker

2 Aug 2013 | Traditionally for commercial use, sous vide is making its way into households, allowing you to create tender, succulent meals at home.


Breville the All in One first look

This appliance is a complete blending, mashing and processing station

2 Jul 2013 | CHOICE's home economist tested the multi-function Breville All in One appliance for performance and ease of use.


Pizza makers home test

CHOICE member John Eleftheriou and his family trial four pizza makers.

24 Apr 2013 | Our home tester and his family trialled four pizza makers - find out which one they preferred.


Morphy Richards Tea Maker first look

Tea-making made easy for those who are particular about the taste and temperature of their brew.

23 Apr 2013 | A good option for keen tea drinkers, especially if you regularly make a pot rather than just one cup.

Sunbeam Versacook

Sunbeam VersaCook first look

We check out the newly released multi-cooker from Sunbeam, which combines five appliances in one.

18 Jan 2013 | We give this all-in-one appliance, which functions as a deep fryer, frypan, slow cooker, saucepan and steamer the once-over.

Jamie Oliver Philips Homecooker

Jamie Oliver HomeCooker first look

This benchtop cooking appliance can save you time in the kitchen.

10 Jan 2013 | The Jamie Oliver HomeCooker with cutting tower can chop, stir, cook, steam, melt, simmer, boil, sear and keep food warm.


Breville Sous Vide first look

A cooking technique that cooks foods perfectly, but is it a kitchen necessity?

8 Oct 2012 | Sous Vide is a cooking technique that requires foods to be vacuum packed and heated at controlled temperatures over a period of time.


Breville Fresh Keeper first look

This appliance allows you to vacuum pack your food at home.

24 Sep 2012 | Breville now has a food sealing device in their range, to complement its Sous Vide appliance.

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