Kitchen appliances

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides to compare prices and performance of kitchen appliances such as kettles, juicers, cooking utensils and bakeware.


Mixer reviews

We test 29 mixers in the CHOICE labs, including models from Breville, Kenwood, KitchenAid and more.

10 Apr 2014 | Fiona Mair, home economist from CHOICE's test kitchen has tested 29 mixers priced from $60 to $999.


Toaster reviews

We’ve tested 42 two-slice and four-slice toasters, including models from Breville, Kambrook, Dualit and Cuisinart that are priced from $20 to $399.

21 Mar 2014 | We look past the smart styles and retro designs to reveal which toasters are best at actually making toast.

Kettle boiling

Kettle reviews

We review 51 kettles, including models from Breville, Sunbeam, DeLonghi and Le Creuset.

19 Mar 2014 | Find out which kettles are efficient as well as quiet. We've tested electric and stove top models ranging in price from $9 to $220.


Rollie vertical grill first look

Here's an appliance that turns eggs and other sweet and savoury treats into cylindrical pops.

13 Dec 2013 | The Rollie claims to be "the fast, easy, pan-free way to make perfect eggs every time". Could this be the next must-have kitchen appliance?

bread makers review

Breadmaker reviews

Breadmakers can save you money - plus, you know exactly what goes into your loaf.

30 Oct 2013 | We test nine breadmakers priced from $100-$350.

Food processors

Food processor reviews

When it comes to food processors, is price an indicator of quality?

1 Oct 2013 | While all these things can be done with a chopping board and knife or a grater, hand whisk and so on, food processors are much quicker.


Juicer reviews

You can spend big bucks on a juicer, but one of the cheapest models on test comes equal first.

19 Sep 2013 | We test a range of centrifugal and non-centrifugal juicers and find a high price tag doesn't necessarily mean outstanding performance.


First look: Tefal Cook4Me

Are you under pressure to cook a hearty meal in no time? Then perhaps the Tefal Cook4Me is just what you need.

23 Aug 2013 | Are you under pressure to cook a hearty meal in no time? Then perhaps the Tefal Cook4Me is just what you need.


First Look: Sunbeam Duos Sous Vide and Slow Cooker

Sunbeam has released its first sous vide, which pulls double duty as a slow cooker

2 Aug 2013 | Traditionally for commercial use, sous vide is making its way into households, allowing you to create tender, succulent meals at home.


Breville the All in One first look

This appliance is a complete blending, mashing and processing station

2 Jul 2013 | CHOICE's home economist tested the multi-function Breville All in One appliance for performance and ease of use.

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