Saving energy

  • Bike light

    Bike light reviews

    5 May 2014 | We've tested more than 100 bike light models, including brands such as Cateye, NiteRider and Lezyne.

  • CFL and LED lamps review

    CFL light bulb

    28 Nov 2013 | We've tested 11 LED light bulbs (lamps) and three compact fluorescents, including models from Philips, Sylvania, Verbatim and Crompton.

  • Hot water systems buying guide

    hot water systems - nozzle

    15 Jul 2013 | Don't wait until your hot water system goes. Review your options and plan your next purchase now.

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Solar guide

  • Solar power

    Solar panel payback times

    18 Jun 2013 | We've recrunched the numbers to give you the latest payback times for a 2.0kW solar panel system.

  • Solar panels buying guide

    Solar panels

    1 Oct 2010 | Install a system that produces carbon-free energy and insulates you from rising coal-fired electricity prices.

  • Solar electricity incentives

    Solar panel

    3 Aug 2009 | As energy prices soar, solar electricity should be a smart investment – but are the incentives strong enough?

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Energy campaign

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