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Clothes dryer reviews

We put nine clothes dryers to the test, to help you find the right one for your home.
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01 .Introduction

Clothes dryer

We review nine electric vented clothes dryers priced from $299 to $739.

Shopping for a clothes dryer can be intimidating. But through our rigorous testing, we can reveal which models:

  • use the least amount of energy
  • cost the least to run
  • dry clothes quickly
  • are the quietest.

To help you make the right decision, we buy the most popular clothes dryers on the market, bring them back to our labs and test them. Models tested include electric vented clothes dryers which make up the vast majority of the Australian market.

On this page, you'll find:

Note: We recently changed the way we test, but you can still check out the results from our last test of condenser and heat pump models under previously tested models. Before you decide on a dryer, check out our reliability survey to see how various dryer brands rate over time.

Brands and models tested

  • Electrolux EDV5051
  • Electrolux EDV6051
  • Fisher and Paykel DE40F56A2
  • Fisher and Paykel DE50F56E1
  • Haier HDY-60M
  • Simpson 39P400M
  • Simpson 39S500M
  • Simpson 39S600M
  • Whirlpool AWD60CE

Previously tested

  • AEG T76280AC Lavatherm
  • Ariston AS600VX
  • Asko T 753C Butterfly Drying
  • Asko T754C Butterfly Drying
  • Asko T754HP W Butterfly Drying
  • Asko T784C Butterfly Drying
  • Bosch WTC84101AU
  • Bosch WTE84101AU Maxx 7 Sensitive
  • Bosch WTV74100AU Maxx 7 Sensitive
  • Bosch WTW84360AU Avantixx
  • Bosch WTW86560AU EcoLogixx 7
  • Bosch WTY88700AU
  • Electrolux EDH3284PDW
  • Electrolux EDH97950W
  • Electrolux EDP2074PDW
  • Electrolux EDV 605
  • Electrolux EDV505 Sensor Dry
  • Fisher and Paykel DE40F56A Aerodry
  • Fisher and Paykel DE50F56A Aerologic
  • Fisher and Paykel DE50F56E1 Aerosense
  • Haier HD80-01
  • Haier HDY-60M
  • Hoover DYC8713BX-AUS
  • Miele T7944C Honeycomb
  • Miele T8861WP
  • Miele T8929WP
  • Rinnai Dry-Soft 6 (A)
  • Simpson 39P400M
  • Simpson 39S500M
  • Simpson 39S600M
  • Whirlpool AWD60A
  • Whirlpool SDRY60
  • Fisher and Paykel DE60F60EW1
  • LG TD-C809E
  • Haier HDY-C70
  • Electrolux EDC47130W
  • Omega OCD40WA

(A) Gas model

How we test

Energy efficiency We put a standard 3.5kg wet load of washing into the dryer and measure how long it takes to dry and how much energy is used. The energy efficiency and drying time scores are based on the amount of energy and time used per kilogram of clothing.

Drying time If the dryer has a sensor to determine when the clothes are dry and automatically turns off, we use it, otherwise we test using the timer.

For more information on Washing and drying products, see our Laundry and cleaning section.


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