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Best value bathroom buys

The budget-friendly tissues, toilet paper, sanitary pads and bathroom cleaning products that performed well in our testing.

box of tissues a roll of toilet paper and bathroom cleaner
Last updated: 30 March 2023

Of all the products on your supermarket shopping list, bathroom staples are probably the least gratifying to buy: you either flush them, wash them down the drain, wipe them away or throw them in the bin. 

But while they're not a fun way to spend your money, products such as toilet paper, tissues and toilet cleaners are necessities for most of us. And unfortunately if you buy the absolute cheapest product available, you might end up disappointed and even downright uncomfortable.

To help keep your budget and your frustration levels in check, we've rounded up the bathroom products that deliver the best performance for the best price. 

The best value toilet paper

Some toilet paper products cost as much as 69 cents per 100 sheets – that adds up quickly, especially if you have a large family. 

Buying the cheapest toilet paper on offer might save some dollars, but is it really worth it if you're stuck slogging through roll upon roll of scratchy toilet paper that tears mid-wipe?

If you shop smart you can pick up toilet paper that's soft, strong and kind to your budget. 

CHOICE tip: When you're looking for affordable TP, don't just look at the overall price: the price per 100 sheets will give you a much better indication of value for money. 

Here are our experts' top picks for loo roll that ticks all the boxes.

Best overall budget buy

confidence 3 ply extra soft toilet tissue

Aldi Confidence 3 ply Extra Soft Toilet Tissue

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 82% (Recommended)
  • Softness score: 90%
  • Price: 22 cents per 100 sheets

Best value recycled toilet paper 

coles so soft strong 100 recycled toilet tissue 3 ply

Coles So Soft & Strong 100% Recycled Toilet Tissue 3 ply

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 78% (Recommended)
  • Softness score: 80%
  • Price: 28 cents per 100 sheets

The best value facial tissues

When you're struck down with a nasty head cold, you'll plough through a box of tissues in no time. And with tissues costing up to $6.48 per 100 sheets, that's a big blow to your shopping budget – especially if the whole household is sick. 

Our expert tissue reviews tell you which tissues:

  • are the softest
  • are strong and can resist puncturing
  • absorb the most liquid
  • won't tear easily when wet.

Unfortunately, the cheapest products we tested didn't perform well on these measures. So if you're shopping during cold and flu season, you might need to spend a bit more to find a good balance between cash and comfort. 

These tissues blew other products away in terms of performance and price.

Best overall budget buy

woolworths azure hypoallergenic pocket tissues 6 pack

Woolworths Azure Hypoallergenic Pocket Tissues 6 pack

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 72% (Recommended)
  • Absorption score: 75%
  • Price: $2.59 per 100 tissues

Best value box of tissues

quilton extra thick hypo allergenic 3 ply soft 110 tissues

Quilton Extra Thick Hypo-allergenic 3 ply Soft 110 tissues

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 70% (Recommended)
  • Absorption score: 71%
  • Price: $3.45 per 100 tissues

The best value bathroom cleaning products

Cleaning the bathroom is a job most of us don't enjoy, so spending more money than you need to on cleaning products for a task you dislike is a double-whammy. 

Thankfully, our expert testers have uncovered the budget-friendly products that'll take the pain out of cleaning. 

The best value bathroom cleaner

community co clean freak bath shower cleaner

Community Co Clean Freak Bath & Shower Cleaner

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 88% (Recommended)
  • Price: 33 cents per 100mL

The best value toilet cleaner

aldi power force bright clean oxy thick toilet gel

Aldi Power Force Bright & Clean Oxy Thick Toilet Gel

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 75% (Recommended)
  • Price: 31 cents per 100mL

The best value sanitary pads and tampons

If you have a uterus, you'll be looking at around 450 cycles over your lifetime – that's a lot of menstrual products to pay for! 

To reduce the burden on your wallet, here are the pads and tampons that deliver the best performance for their price. 

Best value regular tampons

aldi so femme regular tampons

Aldi So Femme Regular Tampons

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 81% (Recommended)
  • Absorbency score: 80%
  • Price: 11 cents per tampon

Best value super tampons

aldi so femme super tampons

Aldi So Femme Super Tampons

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 78% (Recommended)
  • Absorbency score: 75%
  • Price: 11 cents per tampon

Best value regular sanitary pads

woolworths evamay regular pads with wings

Woolworths Evamay Regular Pads with wings

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 83% (Recommended)
  • Absorbency score: 90%
  • Price: 14 cents per pad

Best value super sanitary pads

woolworths evamay super pads with wings

Woolworths Evamay Super Pads with wings

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 80% (Recommended)
  • Absorbency score: 88%
  • Price: 16 cents per pad

Best value night time pads

woolworths evamay night time pads with wings

Woolworths Evamay Night Time Pads with wings

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 82% (Recommended)
  • Absorbency score: 87%
  • Price: 18 cents per pad
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