Laundry liquid detergents review

Laundry liquids don’t wash as well as the best powders but they’re better for greywater.
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Pouring liquid

Test results for 21 laundry liquids — 14 for top loaders and 7 for front loaders

For comparison, we also tested the two top-performing powder concentrates for top and front loaders from last year’s test.

CHOICE tests regularly show that the best washing powders give a better wash than laundry liquids, but despite this many people prefer to use liquids. Some liquids dissolve better and don’t leave a residue on the clothes, and it’s easy to rub a little liquid on stains before throwing clothes in the wash. Powder buyers choose them for the better performance and for convenience — they're easier and less messy to measure out.

We tested them for general cleaning performance and the ability to remove tomato and grass stains.

Many people now want to use the greywater from their washing machine for watering their lawn or garden, so we also had the laundry liquids analysed for phosphorus, salinity, sodium, and pH to check whether they're suitable for your garden.

For more information on Washing and drying, see Household.

Please note: this information was current as of April 2008 but is still a useful guide to today's market. 

Brands tested

Top-loader liquid detergent
  • Almat High Performance Concentrate
  • Cold Power Advanced OxyPlus
  • Coles Smart Buy Concentrate Hot and Cold Wash
  • Dynamo with a Boost of Sard OxyPlus New
  • Earth Choice Garden Safe Top & Front Loader
  • Enviro Care
  • Earth Choice New Powerful Top & Front Loader Enviro Care
  • Green Care
  • Hurricane Active Boosted Power Lemon
  • Hurricane Planet Green
  • Omo High Performance Small & Mighty
  • Purity Sensitive
  • Radiant AquaSave
  • Surf Sunshine Small & Mighty
  • Woolworths Select Eucalyptus Advanced Stain Release Formula
Top-loader powder detergent (for comparison) 
  • Omo High Performance
  • Trimat Advanced Stain Removing Formula (Aldi)
Front-loader liquid detergent
  • Cold Power Advanced Frangipani & Eucalyptus New for Front Loaders
  • Dynamo with a Boost of Sard OxyPlus Front Loader
  • Green Care Front Loader
  • Omo Matic Small & Mighty
  • Radiant Matic
  • Surf Tropical Small & Mighty
  • Woolworths Select Front Loader
Front-loader powder detergent (for comparison) 
  • Drive Matic Advanced Enzyme Power Concentrate
  • Omo Matic


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