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A rainy day solution or an expensive clothes rack?
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  • Updated:16 Jun 2008

01.Kambrook KDR100

Price: $199
Contact: www.kambrook.com.au

Kambrook KDRAn unheated-clothes rack obviously costs nothing to run but you may find your clothes left to dry overnight are still damp when you need them in the morning.

Enter the Kambrook KDR100, an update to the humble clothes rack, with heated rails to help speed up the drying process.

We tested the KDR 100 in a controlled environment of 20 degrees Celsius and humidity of 60% – the conditions you would most likely get at home on a rainy day.

Weighing around five kilos, the clothes rack takes up around 150cm x 56cm of floor space and is easy to fold up and store, ready to be brought out when needed.

Our 3kg wash load included towels, pillow cases, tablecloths as well as underwear, t-shirts football socks and a delicate jumper. The clothes were of a consistent dampness and weight when tested on both the heated and unheated clothes rack.

Please note: this information was current as of June 2008 but is still a useful guide to today's market.

The results?

It took 10 hours to dry the clothes when heated and 17 and a half hours when used as an unheated-clothes rack, compared to an hour for an electric clothes dryer. It cost around 44 cents to run the KDR 100 for our test load, compared to around 29 cents if you used a dryer.

Two small metal plates at the lower rung can accommodate wet shoes and a useful hammock can accommodate delicate items, although ties make it fiddly to attach.

There are no exposed elements and the temperature of the unit does not go above 60 degrees celsius.

CHOICE verdict

If you don't have a clothes dryer or are concerned with any of your delicate clothes shrinking, the Kambrook KDR 100 is a possible solution when Mother Nature won't let you use the outdoor clothes line.



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