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Floor cleaner reviews

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Last updated: 20 April 2020


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When you want to disinfect your floors or give them a good clean, you look for a floor cleaner that can get the job done with minimal effort. But we've lab tested and reviewed floor cleaners – and we don't recommend any of them. Some floor cleaners in our test even performed worse than water! Read more in our article The best and worst cleaning products.

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Our test covers general floor cleaning/disinfecting products (not carpet cleaners or products specified for wooden floors). Our expert testers put each product through its paces to help find the floor cleaners that:

  • perform best when following manufacturer's instructions, and
  • are best value for money.

We also tell you if they claim to be biodegradable, antibacterial and grey water and/or septic safe, although we did not test these claims. (If you're worried about the chemical composition of these products, the top performers in our test of steam mops might interest you.) And our list of Recommended products will help you to quickly see which floor cleaners come out on top.

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    Shop Ethical utilise formulas based on third party independent ratings to derive an Ethical rating for each company (not product) ranging from A for the best to F for the worst. See the link to their website at the top of this review page for more information.


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