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Should you buy Aldi's clothes dryer?

Aldi is selling a vented clothes dryer as a Special Buy this Saturday 11 April for $199. Should this be your Easter treat?

aldi stirling vented dryer in a modern laundry
Last updated: 09 April 2020

Need to know

  • Vented clothes dryers are expensive to run, but cheap to buy, so they can be a good option if you only use your dryer occasionally
  • The vented clothes dryers we've reviewed are priced from $249 to $749. Condenser and heat pump dryers are more expensive to buy, but generally cheaper to run
  • When we reviewed Aldi's vented dryer Special Buy last year, it scored 68%. But it was a slightly different model from the one on sale this weekend

Vented dryers can be an economical option if you rarely use your dryer. They're usually quite a simple, light design, which means they can generally be wall-mounted to save space. 

But they're more expensive to run than heat pump dryers or condenser dryers, and will pump hot, wet air into your laundry, so you'll need to ensure your space is quite well ventilated. 

So if you only use your dryer occasionally for emergencies, and don't have the cash available to buy a more expensive (and more efficient) dryer, a vented dryer might be worth considering.

Aldi sells cheap vented clothes dryer

We haven't tested the exact model of this Aldi vented clothes dryer, on sale this Saturday 11 April as a Special Buy for $199. But we did test a similar 4.5kg model from Aldi last year, and it received a score of 68%. Our laundry expert, Ashley Iredale, says this is quite a typical score for vented dryers.

"Due to their energy inefficiencies, vented dryers usually only score around the 70% mark in our expert CHOICE reviews," says Ashley.

"Although we haven't tested the model being sold at Aldi this weekend, it's very cheap, even for a vented dryer, and could be worth looking at for people who want a dryer only for occasional use. The model being sold as a Special Buy has a three-year warranty, which is a plus, as is the auto sensor – which will help you avoid over-drying your clothes.

It's very cheap, even for a vented dryer

Ashley Iredale, CHOICE whitegoods expert

"However, if you anticipate using your dryer daily, you should look at a heat pump dryer or condenser dryer. Although these are more expensive, they are more efficient to run so will cost you less in the long run."

As it's a supermarket, Aldi is still open for business, despite the restrictions associated with coronavirus COVID-19. Aldi says it has appropriate social distancing and hygiene measures to prioritise the wellbeing of its staff and customers.

If you're considering picking up this $199 Aldi clothes dryer while you do your grocery shopping this weekend, we've put together some pros and cons. But you may like to research other options via our clothes dryer reviews and buy online and/or for home delivery instead.

aldi stirling 5kg vented dryer

The Aldi vented dryer is on sale this Easter weekend on 11 April for $199.

What's to like?


We've reviewed nine vented dryer models, ranging in price from $249 to $789 for a 7kg-capacity dryer. So this Special Buy from Aldi is cheap at $199 for a 5kg-capacity machine. We haven't tested this exact model so can't vouch for its performance, but Ashley notes: "Vented dryers are very simple appliances, so in our experience they tend to perform very similarly in our tests."

Auto sensor and reverse tumbling

Vented dryers typically have the shortest cycle times of any dryer type. But they also have the potential to over-dry your laundry, which can mean higher running costs and potential damage to your clothes. This model has an auto sensor, which might help avoid this.

Ashley says: "Another plus here is the reverse tumbling feature – this helps to stop your sheets wadding up into a tight ball and not drying."

Three-year warranty

This Aldi Special Buy comes with a three-year 'at-home' warranty. This means that if a service under warranty is required within three years, a technician from the product manufacturer will come to your home. All other dryers we tested come with just two-year warranties. Brush up on how to use your consumer guarantees if you have a problem.

What's not to like?

We haven't tested it

Because it's only just been released, we haven't had a chance to test this product yet.

No delivery – and it's heavy 

Aldi don't deliver, so you have to head in-store to pick up the dryer yourself. It weighs 29kg, so you'll need a trolley, and a very helpful assistant (preferably someone you're already isolating with). 

Limited stock

As with all Aldi Special Buys, stock is limited, so there's no guarantee this product will be available at your local store. Aldi customer service is also unable to advise on stock levels, so you'll have to take your chances. 

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