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Should you buy Aldi's heat pump dryer?

Aldi is selling a heat pump dryer as a Special Buy this Saturday 27 July for $579. 

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Last updated: 24 July 2019

Need to know

  • Heat pump dryers usually cost more than vented dryers, but they use less energy so cost less to run. Most models are around $1500 or more 
  • Heat pump dryers don't vent humidity into your home, so they won't fog up your house while drying
  • CHOICE hasn’t reviewed this Aldi dryer, so we advise you to look closely at the features and consider our pros and cons

Heat pump condenser dryers use the same heat exchange principles as a reverse-cycle air conditioner to heat the air they use to dry your clothes. 

Usually, this makes them expensive to buy but cheap to run, since they use around 63% less energy than an equivalent-size vented dryer. 

So if you're using your dryer all the time you'll be ahead financially, but if you only use your dryer sparingly, it'll take longer to recoup the purchase price on an expensive model. 

Aldi sells cheap heat pump dryer

We haven't tested the Aldi heat pump dryer model, on sale this Saturday 27 July as a Special Buy for $579, but first impression from our laundry expert, Ashley Iredale, is: "Wow. That's really cheap for a heat pump dryer!"  

"We regularly review heat pump dryers and have noticed that they're becoming a larger part of the market – more imports mean that prices are coming down," says Ash. "This Aldi model is far and away the cheapest I have seen." 

If you're thinking of heading to Aldi this weekend, here are some pros and cons to consider.

What's to like?

Price. We currently review 10 heat pump dryer models, ranging in price from $1999 for an 8kg-capacity dryer to $2999 for a 10kg-capacity dryer. So, this Special Buy from Aldi is definitely cheaper! We haven't tested this machine though so can't vouch for performance. 

Ash says: "If you're thinking of getting one, make sure it has reverse tumbling – if not then your sheets may wad up into a tight ball and won't dry."

Capacity and energy efficiency. The advertised energy rating is 6 stars (160kW). This amount of energy use is relatively high compared to the typical heat pump dryers we've tested, but much less than the energy used to run a vented dryer. A 7kg capacity is a good choice, too, says Ash. 

"7kg capacity is pretty good for a standard family. Dryers need more room for clothes to move around than washers so their capacity tends to be smaller. They typically range from 4kg to 9kg," he says. 

Three-year warranty. This Aldi Special Buy comes with a three-year 'at-home' warranty, which means that if a service under warranty is required within three years, a technician from the product manufacturer will attend your home. Brush up on how to use your consumer guarantees if you have a problem.

What's not to like?

We haven't tested it. Because it's only just been released, we haven't had a chance to test this product yet, but we do wonder how Aldi is able to offer this product so cheaply compared to other heat pump dryers.

No delivery, and it's heavy. Aldi don't deliver, so you have to head in-store to pick up the dryer yourself. It weighs 54kg, so you'll need a trolley, and a very helpful friend. 

Limited stock. As with all Aldi Special Buys, stock is limited and there's no guarantee this product will be available at your local store. Aldi customer service is also unable to advise on stock levels, so you have to take your chances. 

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