Concentrated laundry detergent doses review

Do small packets of super-concentrated laundry detergent give the same wash as their bigger brothers?
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  • Updated:21 May 2009

01.Nine super-concentrated laundry detergents

Concentrated laundry detergent

Price $3-$10 per pack
Weight 0.5kg-1kg

CHOICE members asked us to compare laundry detergent doses among newly released super-concentrates. In the past six months detergent doses, and the packets, have been getting smaller, thanks to super-concentrated powder.

Along with these new products are marketing claims such as “two times concentrate” and “as many washes as in 1kg”. In theory this is a positive step, as less detergent means less packaging and waste. But as the scoops supplied in both packs look similar, does less detergent mean we’re getting less wash runs for our dollar?

Please note: this information was current as of May 2009 but is still a useful guide to today's market.

Our test

We bought nine super-concentrated laundry detergents and measured the manufacturer’s recommended dose. We then compared the dosage for each brand’s equivalent concentrate powder, and calculated doses per pack from our last laundry detergent test in 2007.

What we found may surprise you – manufacturers across all products are providing what they promise. When we measured the scoops of super-concentrate, they came to about half what you would require for the normal concentrate – in other words, most of the super-concentrates supplied in half-kilo packs provide the same detergent dosage as a 1kg pack of concentrate. So even though you are getting half the amount of detergent, by using the supplied scoop and following the instructions you will get the most out of your super-concentrate.

CHOICE verdict

Super-concentrates lead to less waste in the long run, which is a positive step for the environment. While the scoops appear similar between the equivalent concentrates, CHOICE is satisfied manufacturers provide the correct dosage information on super-concentrate packaging to give you the same number of washes as regular concentrates.

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