Washing machines

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides to compare prices and performance of washing machines and dryers.


OMO Pods first look

OMO says these liquid capsules contain its ‘most advanced liquid ever’ – but does it deliver?

6 Oct 2011 | CHOICE finds out whether these water soluble pods are any different to a standard liquid detergent.


Laundry powders vs liquids review

Liquid or powder? CHOICE determines which detergents give you the best clean.

15 Jul 2011 | We compare laundry detergent concentrates to find out which perform better, give the best value for money and are better for our environment.


What you need to know about washing machines

Here are five things you need to know about your washing machine.

8 Oct 2010 | Martha Psiroukis reveals the surprising truth about efficiency ratings, temperature, detergent amounts and fabric softener.

Concentrated laundry detergent

Concentrated laundry detergent doses review

Do small packets of super-concentrated laundry detergent give the same wash as their bigger brothers?

21 May 2009 | But as the scoops supplied in both packs look similar, does less detergent mean we’re getting less wash runs for our dollar?

Miele clothes dryer

Miele EcoComfort clothes dryer quick review

A six star energy-efficient dryer is now on the market, but you’ll have to dig deep upfront.

2 Apr 2009 | Miele claims this technology saves up to 46 percent of energy used in comparable condensor dryers.

Kambrook KDR

Kambrook KDR quick review

A rainy day solution or an expensive clothes rack?

16 Jun 2008 | An unheated-clothes rack obviously costs nothing to run but you may find your clothes left to dry overnight are still damp when you need them in the morning.

Laundry detergent

Laundry liquid detergents review

Laundry liquids don’t wash as well as the best powders but they’re better for greywater.

24 Apr 2008 | CHOICE tests regularly show that the best washing powders give a better wash than liquids, but many people prefer to use liquids.


LG steam washer dryer review

The LG uses more water to dry clothes than to wash them.

8 Jun 2007 | If you’ve listened to the marketing, you might be thinking the LG Combined Steam Washer and Dryer makes wash day more environmentally friendly.

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