Vacuum cleaners

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides to compare prices and performance of upright, barrel, bagless and handheld vacuum cleaners.


Low-cost vacuum cleaner reviews

You can buy a good quality vacuum cleaner for less than $300. Our newest test results include the latest models.

14 Jul 2011 | Our test reveals some good, affordable choices and one model in particular that would hold its own against vacuums costing twice as much.


Dyson DC35 MultiFloor Stick Vac First Look

Is the cost on this slick stick vacuum worth the reward?

1 Mar 2011 | Dyson's latest stick vac is a top performer, but it has a price tag to match.

Black & Decker Dustbuster Flexi handheld vacuum

Black & Decker Dustbuster Flexi first look

Put simply, this is the best-performing handheld vacuum cleaner CHOICE has ever tested.

16 Nov 2010 | The Dustbuster Flexi easily and effectively tackles spot vacuuming tasks.

Samsung Navibot SR8845 robot vacuum cleaner

Samsung Navibot robot first look

Vacuuming can’t yet be left entirely to the machines.

29 Oct 2010 | Easy to use and clever at navigating around rooms, the NaviBot is still no replacement for a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Man testing vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners buying guide

Has your vacuum cleaner bitten the dust? Before you buy a new one, check out our quick guide.

6 Jul 2010 | You can’t go past a vacuum cleaner that is light, quiet, easy to manoeuvre, has a long cord and has a neat compact design for easy storage.


Dyson Radix 6 handheld vacuum cleaner first look

In 2007 this was the most effective - and most expensive - handheld vac we'd ever tested

23 Nov 2009 | First Look: Dyson Radix 6 handheld vacuum cleaner In 2007 this was the most effective - and most expensive - handheld vac we'd ever tested.

iRobot Dirt Dog

iRobot Dirt Dog first look

If you’ve got a messy workshop or patio — and plenty of time — the Dirt Dog might be your new best friend.

14 Aug 2008 | We put the Dirt Dog to the test on a workshop floor scattered with sawdust, small nails, screws, nuts and washers.

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