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Iron reviews

Are you about to spend too much? Our testers have found buying the most expensive iron is not always a guarantee for wrinkle-free clothing.
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01 .Introduction


We review 37 irons, including 15 newly tested models, priced from $14 to $160.

Through our rigorous testing, we reveal which irons perform the best. You can use this report to:

To iron or not to iron?

Here’s a statement you’ll never hear: “I love ironing!” OK, maybe some people enjoy it – perhaps as a meditative exercise – but for most it’s a chore. But unless you’re prepared to pay a laundry service to do the job for you, it’s often unavoidable. And even the most ardent ironing hater will admit there’s a certain pleasure in putting on crisply pressed clothes.

Traditional irons still dominate the market, and if you’re not keen on ironing and don’t want to spend a lot, this type is for you. Your iron should be able to:

  • reliably control the soleplate temperature to handle different fabrics 
  • produce a useful amount of steam without dribbling or sputtering water, and 
  • glide effortlessly over your garments. 
You’ll need a low temperature for synthetics and silk and high temperature for cotton and linen. Automatic shut-off is a useful safety feature that turns off the iron after a certain amount of time should you forget to turn it off yourself. 

For more information on Laundry and cleaning, see Household.

Models tested

  • Abode ETA-17A2 (A)
  • Aldi Lumina Signature 4248 (A)
  • Breville JetSteam Iron BIR300 #
  • Chief CFI270 (A)
  • Electrolux Ultrasteam 400 ESI750S #
  • Homemaker KB-166A2 #
  • Kambrook Speedsteam KI480
  • Kambrook SpeedSteam KI460KM (A)
  • Kambrook Steamline Auto Off Iron KI780 #
  • Kambrook Steamline KI730
  • Morphy Richards Comfigrip 40857
  • Panasonic 360° Quick NI-W410TS (A)
  • Panasonic 360° Quick NI-W810CS
  • Panasonic 360° Quick NI-W940C #
  • Philips Azur GC4410/22 #
  • Philips Azur GC4412/32 #
  • Philips Easy Speed Plus GC2040/70 #
  • Philips GC2860 (A)
  • Philips GC4420 (A)
  • Philips PerfectCare Azur GC4912/30 #
  • Philips Powerlife GC2960
  • Russell Hobbs RHC903 (A)
  • Russell Hobbs Steam Glide RHC909 #
  • Russell Hobbs Turbo Steam Iron RHC925
  • Sunbeam Pro Steam SR4100
  • Sunbeam Solus Digital Resilium SR7000 #
  • Sunbeam Verve 62 Platinum SR6200 (A)
  • Sunbeam Verve 65 Platinum SR6550
  • Sunbeam Verve 68 Resilium SR6800 (A)
  • Sunbeam Verve 68 Resilium SR6850 #
  • Target Essentials TESIR30 #
  • Tefal Aquaspeed Autoclean 275 FV5275 (A)
  • Tefal Aquaspeed Autoclean FV5355
  • Tefal Freemove FV9920 Cordless #
  • Tefal Primaglide FV2530
  • Tefal Primaglide 31 FV2231 (A)
  • Tefal Ultimate Steam Power 400 FV9604 #

# Newly tested models.
(A) Discontinued

How we test

Performance Our tester, Peter Horvath, test every iron on all its temperature settings, from coolest to hottest, using the following range of fabrics:

  • Synthetic organza
  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Cotton shirt
  • Denim jeans
  • Linen

Peter assesses how effective the iron is at removing creases; models that remove creases quickly without needing the water spray score best. Models that take several passes to remove creases or that need the water spray score lower, while models that leave creases or leak water score lowest.

Ease of use Peter assesses the irons for:

  • Ease of filling the water tank (including how easy it is to see the water level)
  • How comfortable the iron is to hold 
  • Ease of moving the iron over various fabrics 
  • Using the steam and spray functions
  • Adjusting the temperature 
  • Convenience of the cord

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