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Is microfibre cleaning the way forward?
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  • Updated:9 Mar 2005

03.Cleaning with water

Is cleaning with water hygienic?

The answer is yes.

Microfibre mitts and cold water seem to remove dirt (and therefore bacteria) as effectively as chemical cleaners. If you wipe the surfaces dry afterwards it'll kill more bacteria and help prevent any surviving ones from multiplying.

However, as we've reported in the past, not all bacteria are bad for us, and for our immune system to work we need some exposure to harmful bacteria. And while it's important to keep surfaces in contact with food as bacteria-free as possible, eliminating bacteria from every surface in your home - whatever cleaning method you use - probably won't much reduce your chances of getting sick, as most household infections like colds and sore throats are caused by viruses, not bacteria.

A better clean

Like a number of our trialists, Meagan was converted to cleaning mitts after the trial, despite being unsure of them at first. "Because you're only using cold water and no chemicals, I didn't expect them to clean properly, but they're really effective and easy to use.

"The first time around it required a bit more elbow grease than normal, but not a huge effort. And it got easier. It's also faster as you're not waiting for chemicals to work, and you dry down surfaces as you go along.

My bathroom is noticeably cleaner now, and the mitts have really brought out the shine in the chrome.
"I've got a baby daughter, so I particularly like that I don't have to use chemicals. I can keep the mitt in the bathroom, and every night after her bath I just run it around to wipe off the ring."

Too much hard work

Quite reasonably, Michael's primary priority for cleaning is that it should be easy. "I don't enjoy cleaning, so the last thing I want is to have to put a lot of effort into it.

"I normally use a chemical spray to clean my bathroom, and it's so easy - you can actually see it doing the work.
"It was nice knowing that I wasn't inhaling chemicals. But personally, I prefer to open the windows, spray my shower with cleaning product, then come back a few minutes later and wash the chemicals and dirt down the drain.
"Cleaning with mitts required a lot of effort, took too long, and ate into my leisure time - I'd rather work out at the gym, not in the bathroom!"

Need ideas to make cleaning easier?

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