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Double ovens review and compare

If you have a large family to feed, or love to entertain, a double oven is worth considering.
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01 .Introduction

Double oven

We have test results for eight double ovens priced from $1399 to $3299.

Through our rigorous testing, we reveal which ovens:

If you have a large family to feed or love to entertain, a double oven is well worth considering. They allow you to cook multiple foods at once, using different functions and at different times and temperatures.

The DeLonghi DE6060MD is the only true double oven on test - it has two full-sized ovens, both with the full set of functions. Despite their claim, the rest of the “double ovens” on test are actually one-and-a-half ovens (or a primary plus a secondary oven). But fear not – they can be just as versatile as a true double oven, and if you’re looking to replace an oven with a separate grill, they’re a great alternative.

The functions available in the half-oven tend to be limited, so make sure they suit your needs. Double ovens generally have top and bottom elements and a grill, but check what else they come with. Three on test have a fan-forced function, which increases their versatility. 

Video: What to look for - Ovens

Thinking of buying a new oven? Fiona Mair shows you what to look for.

Models tested

  • AEG DC7003000M
  • Bosch HBM43S550A
  • DeLonghi DE6060MD
  • Euromaid DS1
  • Fisher & Paykel OB60B77DEX3
  • Omega OO845WR
  • Smeg DOSCA36X
  • Westinghouse PDR790S

How we test

To compare the ovens’ performance, our home economist, Fiona Mair, cooks a range of foods, including chicken, pizza, toast, scones and meringues. She tests the ovens’ ability to perform over a range of temperatures, times and functions.

Cooking performance

  • Multi-shelf cooking Scones are baked over two shelves to test how evenly the ovens perform at a high temperature over a short time. This test is repeated in the secondary oven.
  • Low temperature Meringues are baked to assess cooking ability at a low temperature for a long period. This test is repeated only in the secondary ovens that have the fan-forced function.
  • Roasting Fiona roasts a whole chicken to assess baking a non-uniform food at a moderate to high temperature over a long period, while retaining moisture and crisping the skin.
  • Base cooking Fiona also cooks a freshly prepared pizza at a very high temperature for a short period to assess the ability to crisp and brown the base and evenly cook the toppings. This test is repeated in the secondary oven.
  • Grill area Fiona toasts bread to assess the grill area for how quickly it toasts bread and how evenly the heat is distributed. This test is repeated in the secondary oven.

Ease of use

Fiona assesses the controls, the grill and oven areas and ease of cleaning.

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