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Hand mixer reviews

We test 26 hand mixers in the CHOICE labs, including models from Breville, KitchenAid, Sunbeam and more.
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01 .Introduction


We review 26 hand mixers, priced from $15 to $199.

Through our rigorous testing, we reveal which hand mixers:

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A hand mixer is useful for small jobs that don't require extended mixing. If you whisk egg whites, whip cream, or make cake batters, then a hand mixer is a handy appliance to have in your kitchen. Hand mixers are:

  • compact and efficient
  • have minimal accessories
  • are easy to store
  • generally easy to manoeuvre

Some hand mixers come with dough hooks, but while they can combine the ingredients they lack the grunt to knead the dough. We don't test the dough hooks as they have received poor results in previous tests. If you want an appliance that does this, then you might want to invest in a larger mixer.  

For more information on Benchtop appliances, see Kitchen

Brands and models tested

  • Abode Hand Mixer 707D
  • Bodum Bistro Electric Hand Mixer 11151
  • Breville the Handy Mix BHM100
  • Breville the Handy Mix Digital BHM510
  • Breville Wizz Digital Mix hand mixer BHM500 (A)
  • Breville Wizz Mix EM3
  • Breville Wizz Mix Plus EM6 (A)
  • Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus 9-speed Hand Mixer HM-90BCSA
  • Cuisinart 5-speed hand mixer CHM-5SSA (A)
  • GVA Hand mixer 2620E (A)
  • Kambrook Hand Mixer KHM10
  • Kenwood Hand mixer HM330
  • Kenwood kMix Boutique Hand Mixer HM791
  • KitchenAid Artisan Hand Mixer KHM720
  • KitchenAid Artisan hand mixer KHM926 #
  • Philips Daily Collection Mixer HR1459/00 #
  • Russell Hobbs Graphite Hand Mixer RHMX400 (A)
  • Russell Hobbs Hand mixer RHMX1
  • Sunbeam JM3200 (A)
  • Sunbeam Beatermix JM3250
  • Sunbeam Beatermix Pro JM5900
  • Sunbeam Mixmaster Compact MX5900
  • Sunbeam Mixmaster Hand Mixer JM6600
  • Target Essentials Hand mixer TESHM30 (A)
  • Target Hand mixer TARHM30 #
  • Tiffany HM504 (A)

# Newly tested models
(A) Discontinued.

How we test

Performance Fiona Mair, home economist from CHOICE's test kitchen conducted the following two tests, which were weighted equally to calculate the overall performance score:

  • Whisking She uses the beaters to whisk egg whites to form stiff peaks. Where supplied, she also uses the wire whisk.
  • Mixing The beaters are used again to assess how well the hand mixers combine dry and wet ingredients, to form an even and smooth cake mix.
Ease of use Fiona assesses the hand mixers on:

  • how easy it is to use the controls and read the labelling,
  • inserting and removing mixing tools, 
  • standing the mixer during preparation, 
  • cleaning parts and the main unit, and storing it
  • their general comfort, considering balance and control, hand grip and strain on the wrist during operation.


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