CD, DVD and Blu-Ray players

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides. Compare price and performance of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray players.

Blu-ray Players

Blu-ray player reviews

Our testing reveals whether 21 Blu-ray players live up to the hype.

26 Jun 2013 | Blu-ray players are the next step up from the DVD player, but how effective is the evolution?


DVD and Blu-ray recorder reviews

You can record, store and playback your favourite TV shows and other video.

16 Aug 2010 | Blu-ray technology increases a DVD recorder's quality and capacity, but not necessarily its convenience.

DVD recorder

DVD/HDD recorders review

A DVD recorder with a 160GB hard drive gives you hundreds of hours of recording capacity.

26 Nov 2009 | Test results for four DVD/hard disc recorders with a capacity of 160GB, priced from $440 to $659.


DVD recorders with DVR review

At last, the replacement for the venerable VCR has finally gone HD.

12 Oct 2009 | CHOICE looked at the latest selection of digital solutions that not only record TV programs to an internal hard drive, but also play DVDs and record to a DVD.


CD/DVD repair kits

We tried a range of CD/DVD repair kits and found them less than impressive.

13 May 2008 | Optical discs, such as CDs and DVDs, are fairly fragile and it doesn’t take much damage for them to skip or not play. Grease, dust, exposure to excess heat, and rough handling can all result in damage that may affect playback.


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