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Movie and TV streaming service reviews

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Last updated: 22 November 2021


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We compare the main movie and TV streaming services in Australia including Netflix, Stan, Disney Plus, Binge and Amazon Prime Video to help you find the ones that suit your viewing needs. Most of us can't afford to sign up for every service, so our test can help you find the best options that fit within your budget.

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Our expert testers give these streaming services a thorough workout to help find the ones that:

  • make it easiest to sign up (and easiest to leave)
  • have the best layout and user interface
  • make it easy to find movies and TV shows you enjoy
  • have the best navigation during playback.

Our interactive comparison tool helps you find out which streaming options have the features you want. Our expert recommendations will help you quickly see which services come out on top.

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    Entry-level subscription price per month. For Google Play, YouTube and Apple TV, monthly fees are based on one third of a purchased TV series and one rented movie per month.

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    Subscription services give you unlimited access to a TV/movie content library for a monthly or annual fee. Rent or buy services let you purchase individual movies and shows as a one-time purchase. Rentals expire after a predetermined time, while purchases are added to your account for repeat viewing. Free-to-air aka catch-up services let you watch broadcast content after it's aired for free. Some of these services also offer online-only content similar to streaming companies.

      CHOICE Expert Rating

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      This score is made up of the layout and stability score (40%), what to watch score (35%), sign up and cancel score (15%), and playback control score (10%).

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      Included in this review

      Members-only access
      • Price
      • Overall score
      • Entry-level price per month
      • Mid-range price per month
      • Premium price per month
      • Annual subscription
      • Layout and stability score
      • What to watch score
      • In and out score
      • Playback control score
      • Free trial period
      • Max authorised devices
      • Entry-level max simultaneous streams
      • Mid-range max simultaneous streams
      • Premium max simultaneous streams
      • 4K UHD support
      • Downloadable content for mobile
      • Smart TV
      • Cast to chromecast
      • Android
      • iOS
      • Windows
      • Mac
      • PlayStation
      • Xbox
      • Nintendo switch
      • Ad supported
      • Service summary
      • Good points
      • Bad points
      • Recommended


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