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Should you buy an Aldi Bauhn TV or soundbar?

Our tech expert dissects Aldi's past record on TV tech.

Last updated: 25 August 2020

Need to know

  • Aldi often sells TVs from its house brand Bauhn in their Special Buys sales.
  • We've previously tested their 48-inch, 58-inch and 65-inch models - they didn't rate well.
  • Our lab experts test TVs from popular brands including LG, Sony, Samsung, Hisense, TCL and more

Get ready to rumble! In a move set to see queues out the door, this Wednesday Aldi is selling a 50-inch ultra high definition 4K smart TV for $449 and a 24-inch full high definition TV with DVD for $179, as part of its Father's Day-themed Special Buys sale.

At those low prices, it's a tempting deal for any TV tragic, or dad setting up his new man-cave. But how do Bauhn's bargains really rate for quality? And are they worth lining up for?

Spoiler alert! Bauhn's track record on tech doesn't paint a pretty picture

Our TV experts haven't reviewed these exact models yet, as they pop up with a week's notice and sell out even quicker. But we have reviewed previous TVs and soundbars in our labs and - spoiler alert! - Bauhn's track record on tech doesn't paint a pretty picture.

We spoke to our in-house TV expert Denis Gallagher about their patchy performance and what you need to know before queuing up outside Aldi.

Bauhn to be bad?

There's no arguing Aldi do some products really well. Cheap ski gear and grocery staples, for sure. Electronics, not so much. 

Our experts have lab-tested a range of different-sized Bauhn TVs over recent years, and one thing's been consistent – they've all scored pretty averagely. Unfortunately, in this case, it seems you get what you pay for. 

"Previous test results have ranged from mediocre to poor, so there's a lot of room for improvement," says Denis.

Last month's 65-inch Special Buy – priced at $699 – boasted a decent range of features, but fell flat in our lab tests, scoring a CHOICE Expert Rating of just 64% overall. It currently ranks in the bottom three models we've tested, alongside poor performers from Linsar and Ffalcon.

aldi bauhn tv 65inch

Aldi's recent 65-inch 4K TV, priced at $699.

"It scored OK for standard definition viewing, but got progressively worse when watching high and ultra high definition 4K content," says Denis. 

"There were also occasional issues with motion blur and inaccurate colours in 4K, and some distracting backlight patterns when watching sport. The internal sound quality was also muddy and rumbly."

Previous Bauhn boxes haven't fared any better, with the 48-inch edition earning a CHOICE Expert Rating of 62% and a 58-inch model  sliding even lower at 59%. 

"So far we haven't really seen a Bauhn TV that's performed well," says Denis. 

"Of course, that can change with new models – we've seen that with other brands – but despite the undeniably low price, shoppers should be careful when considering these bargain models based on what we've seen. Especially if you really love your movies or shows, and want a great TV experience."  

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Soundbars perform even more poorly

They aren't currently on sale at Aldi, but who knows, soundbars might pop up in the middle aisle next month – that's the nature (and fun) of their Special Buys sales. If they do, Denis warns you should be equally wary.

aldi bauhn soundbar and subwoofer

The Bauhn soundbar recently sold for $129.

"The last Bauhn soundbar we reviewed was the worst in the test group by a long shot, scoring well under 50%," he says. 

"Its scores for stereo and multi-channel listening were some of the poorest I've ever seen in a test. It was the cheapest model in the test, but with scores like that, I couldn't recommend it."

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Special Buys availability tip

Still keen on a TV? To find out which store has the most models, go to the Aldi Australia Facebook page before the day of the sale. Open up a message to the page and type 'Get started'. 

The chat box will automatically bring up several Special Buys sales dates. You can then choose the product, type in your postcode, and it will tell you which stores within a 20km radius have the item in stock.