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Should you buy an Aldi Bauhn TV?

Bargain buy or buyer beware? Our TV expert dissects Aldi's past record on tech ahead of this weekend's Special Buy sales.

aldi bauhn atv58uhdw 0322 tv lead image
Last updated: 21 March 2024

Need to know

  • Aldi is selling a 40-inch TV for $299 in its Special Buy sales this weekend
  • We've tested Aldi Bauhn TVs in our labs and they haven't performed well
  • Our experts test TVs, heaphones and speakers from popular brands including LG, Sony, Bose, Samsung, Hisense, TCL and more

It's TV time again in the Aldi sales. On Saturday 23 March, Aldi is selling a 40-inch 4K ultra high-definition TV for $299 as part of its Special Buys sale.

It's from Aldi's house label Bauhn, and comes with a one-year warranty and is significantly cheaper than similarly specced models from other brands. 

The TV is powered by LG's webOS Hub, and comes preinstalled with streaming apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Stan and Amazon Prime Video. 

At such low prices, it's certainly a tempting deal. But how does this Aldi bargain really rate for quality – and is it worth buying?

Spoiler alert! Bauhn's track record on tech doesn't paint a pretty picture

Our TV experts haven't reviewed this model, as Aldi products pop up at short notice and usually sell out quickly. However, we'll be getting the latest Aldi models in for testing through the year to find out whether their video performance quality has improved.

But we have tested other Aldi TVs in our labs and – spoiler alert! – Bauhn's track record on tech doesn't paint a pretty picture.

We spoke to our in-house TV expert Denis Gallagher about their patchy performance and what you need to know before queuing up outside Aldi at sunrise.

Bauhn to be bad?

There's no arguing Aldi does some products really well. Cheap ski gear and grocery staples, for sure. Electronics, not so much. 

Our experts have lab tested a range of Bauhn TVs over recent years, and one thing's been consistent – they've all received pretty average scores. Unfortunately, in this case, it seems you get what you pay for. 

So far we haven't really seen a Bauhn TV that's performed well

Denis Gallagher, CHOICE tech expert

"So far we haven't really seen a Bauhn TV that's performed well," says Denis. 

"Of course, that can change with new models – we've seen that with other brands – but despite the undeniably low price, shoppers should be careful when considering these bargain models based on what we've seen."  

Aldi's track record for TVs

"Previous test results have ranged from mediocre to poor, so there's a lot of room for improvement," says Denis.

Previous Special Buys have included a 65-inch Bauhn TV priced at $699 that boasted a decent range of features, but fell flat in our lab tests with a CHOICE Expert Rating of just 62% overall. 

More recently, a $599 58-inch Bauhn TV that uses LG's WebOS operating system featured in our list of TVs our experts recommend you avoid buying due to its low score of 68%. 

bauhn aldi with webos atv58uhdw 0322

LG style without the LG substance: The $599 Aldi Bauhn ATV58UHDW-0322.

Denis says that despite the LG operating system, the 58-incher fails to deliver on performance. 

"It's not the same quality LCD panel and the processor isn't as fast as the LG TVs, which is the reason for its lower score."

"However, it did come with the previous year's LG remote which is much better than the previous efforts from Bauhn.  

"While the LG webOS Hub operating system may improve the experience and ease of use, this new Special Buy is still a Bauhn TV, so I wouldn't expect the video quality to be dramatically different from that of the other Bauhn TVs we have seen."

Special Buys tips

  • Stocks of all Special Buys are limited, and popular products can sell out quickly. 
  • You can check stock availability for Special Buys on the Aldi website. 
  • A limited quantity of products are also now available to buy online – with added delivery costs. 
  • If you're heading instore, make sure you check the weight and size of the item you're buying so you can transport it home. 
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