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Noise-cancelling headphones to avoid

Looking for headphones that deliver both great sound and silence? Listen to our experts and give these a miss.

noise cancelling headphones to avoid red cross
Last updated: 17 June 2021

Need to know

  • Our experts tested over 40 pairs from popular brands including Sennheiser, Sony, Apple, Audio Technica and more. 
  • We assess key factors like sound quality, noise-cancelling listening, comfort, durability, battery life and more. 
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From blocking out your neighbour's barking dog during a video call, to shushing the background hum of other commuters on the train, a good set of noise-cancelling headphones can be a lifesaver. 

But if you pick a poor pair, you can say goodbye to the sound of silence – and they can even affect the quality of the audio you're listening to. This is why it's worth doing your research, especially given how expensive some brands can be. 

"A good pair of noise-cancelling headphones can provide a great listening experience while you're on the go, as they're designed to filter out environmental noise," says CHOICE's expert audiophile Peter Zaluzny

"However, just because some headphones have this feature doesn't necessarily mean they sound good. In fact, poorly implemented noise-cancelling technology can actually make your music sound worse, which is why we test audio quality with it turned on and off."

CHOICE has tested the gamut of noise-cancelling headphones on the market, reviewing over 40 products from popular brands like Sennheiser, Sony, Apple, Audio Technica, Huawei, JBL and more. Our experts assess key factors like sound quality, listening (with noise cancelling on and off), comfort and durability. 

Poorly implemented noise-cancelling technology can actually make your music sound worse

CHOICE expert Peter Zaluzny

So you don't pick up a sub-par pair, here are the five products that rated lowest in our latest sound lab tests. Consider becoming a CHOICE member to access our full reviews and test results.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

samsung galaxy buds live
  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 41%
  • Sound quality: 53%
  • Noise-cancelling listening score: 13%
  • Price: $319

Buy these and you might have steam coming out of your ears, rather than music. Despite their shiny luxury look and hefty $300+ price tag, these wireless buds ranked dead last in our test group with a woeful CHOICE Expert Rating of 41%. 

They scored an ordinary 53% for overall sound quality but got even worse with noise cancelling switched on, rating a shocking 13% in our test. With it turned off, they sounded better but still only managed a mediocre mark of 50%. 

They also received middling scores for comfort and durability too. If you crave amazing audio, these buds are not your friend. See our full review

Jabra Elite 85T

jabra elite 85t
  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 45%
  • Sound quality score: 47%
  • Noise-cancelling listening score: 13%
  • Price: $299

Music to your ears these in-ear phones ain't. Despite their 'Elite' title, our testers found them passable at best with an overall CHOICE Expert Rating of 45%.

Like the Samsung shockers above, this pair received just 13% in our noise-cancelling listening test. Luckily, they rate much better at 95% with noise cancelling turned off, but that's not really what you're buying them for, right? 

Likewise, they only rated OK for comfort and durabilty, which is also a worry. See our full review

Sony MDR-ZX110NC

sony mdr zx110nc
  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 46%
  • Sound quality score: 56%
  • Noise-cancelling listening score: 13%
  • Price: $79

Proving it's not just earphones that perform poorly, these on-ear headphones also delivered a pretty lousy listening experience. Bizarrely, these ones offer excellent passive noise reduction, but they're undone by very poor active noise cancelling, also rating an unlucky 13% in the test. 

On the upside, they are cheaper than other pairs here and boast the longest battery life of the test with a whopping 80 hours, so you can make a song and dance for days without recharging. See our full review

Sony WF-SP700N

sony wf sp700n
  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 46%
  • Sound quality score: 35%
  • Noise-cancelling listening score: 50%
  • Price: $118

Not to be outdone in the dud department, this Sony in-ear gear recorded the lowest sound quality score in our test with a lowly 35%. It only beats the previous products because it's noise cancelling listening is notably better.

Sadly, the good news doesn't last long. Not only did these ear buds rate average for comfort and poor for durability, most worryingly, their battery life lasted a woeful two hours. By comparison, the other ear phones above clocked up seven and six hours respectively. See our full review

Skullcandy Venue

skullcandy venue
  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 47%
  • Sound quality score: 39%
  • Noise-cancelling listening score: 50%
  • Price: $299

"Skullcandy often puts a lot of focus on design, which is just as, if not more, important than audio for some people," says Peter.

"But not only do these noise-cancelling headphones sound bad, they also look bland compared with what we're used to seeing from Skullcandy."

These headphones scored poorly across all our tests, with their highest score being for comfort – but even that was a disappointing 60%.

For less than the price of these, you could pick up one of the top performers in our noise-cancelling headphones test – so check our reviews before you buy to make the most of your purchase. Read our full review

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